Apple reaches 600 million iOS sales, 900,000 apps

Jordan O'Brien
June 11, 2013

At WWDC yesterday Apple released some sizeable numbers regarding iOS, including the fact that it had now reached 600 million total sales.

The company also showed off several graphs, showing that it was top in satisfaction, with Windows Phone coming in second, whilst Android lagged behind in third. The iPhone was also top when it came to the average amount of time users actually interacted with the operating system — with Apple claiming 50% more usage than Android.

Keeping with Steve Jobs’ infamous digs at other companies, Apple included a graph showing iOS6 on 93% of all iOS devices — next to the graph was Android’s rather fragmented install base, with a 2 year old operating system still reigning supreme.

When it came to apps, Tim Cook was especially proud to announce that 900,000 apps were available on the App Store, with 375,000 optimised for the iPad — which compares to 750,000 on Android according to AppBrain. Apple also claimed that it has paid out the most amount of money to developers, 74% of the entire market in fact — with a total of $10 billion paid to developers, with $5 billion in the last year.

Apple wasn’t done with the numbers though, announcing that the company had sent 7.4 trillion push notifications and has 300 million users with iCloud accounts using the iTunes in the Cloud service.

It seems that a lot of Wall St folks needn’t have worried about Apple’s ability to impress, with some pretty astronomical numbers — although 600 million iOS device sales is nothing compared to the 900 million activations in 2013 alone on Android.

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