Apple iWatch could control your entire house

Jamie Feltham
October 14, 2013

Currently we think of smartwatches as mere companion pieces to our smartphones. At least, that’s the standard the Samsung Galaxy Gear has set. But the Apple iWatch could be setting its sights on much more ambitious compatibility.

Brian White, a much-quoted industry analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald, has said that the iWatch could be a second screen for your entire house. An Apple supplier apparently told White that the rumoured device could end up being a remote control for your daily functions like adjusting heating, turning lights on and off and, of course, playing music and watching TV.

It’s currently thought that the Apple iWatch will be a bendy device measuring between 1.3 and 1.5 inches. If all this is true then it’s a lot to take in for such a small piece of kit, but will undoubtedly be a major step forward for tech and how we go about our daily lives.

Still, this is all a long way off. We don’t think we’ll see the iWatch at least until next year and we have another Apple event to get through before then.

Source: CNET

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