Apple intros ‘try before you buy’ on App Store

Jonathan Morris
August 8, 2010

Apple is changing the way you find things on the App Store, by introducing a new ‘Try before you buy’ feature.

It’s a very good idea, given how many apps can now be found on the App Store. However, it isn’t technically what you might think from its name. All Apple has really done is bring the many ‘lite’ versions into a new section, to remove the clutter.

It does not mean you can try a full version, which often has more features than the free version, without paying. If there’s no free version, you’ll still have to pay in full up front.

Of course, Apple is no doubt going to encourage developers to produce more free versions for trial purposes, and even if Apple doesn’t, they’d be rather stupid not to do so. It probably won’t be long until people expect to be able to try out everything before paying. The question is, will Apple continue to count every free version as a separate app when issuing stats on how many apps there are on the App Store? If they do, very quickly they could literally double the number of apps available!

Android users already have the ability to try out the actual full-version of an app by buying the app as normal and then being able to get a no-quibble refund within a day. As soon as you request the refund, the app is automatically removed from your device.

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