Apple ditches iPad; Decides to produce 10-inch netbook instead

Jonathan Morris
March 31, 2010

The decision was made after Apple CEO Steve Jobs apparently realised that it wasn’t as good as he initially thought.

He is alleged to have said to an undercover reporter: “When we first began work on the iPad project, I thought it was incredible. It was quite probably the best thing I’d ever created.

“However, after the day I launched it, I got to use it for a while and eventually became bored with it. The main problem was that I kept forgetting to charge it.

“Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all and I should have spent more time working on something else. I also realised that the iPad nearly made me forget we have a new iPhone to release soon. It’s the start of April and we’ve still not even decided on its name, or what amazing new feature to give it that has never been done before; something like video calling, multitasking or something even more revolutionary that will have the industry looking on in awe.”

In a press release likely to be issued later today to clarify the situation with the iPad, Apple will announce that Steve Jobs is to go away and start work on a netbook version of the MacBook.

Despite originally claiming netbooks to be “no good at anything”, he has now realised that it makes more sense to produce a smaller MacBook, given that it would have probably become the most successful laptop Apple had produced to date.

Hundreds of people hired to queue outside key Apple stores on April 3rd have already been informed that they will no longer be required to attend, but can come back for the iPhone launch in June.

We’ll publish more information just as soon as we get it.


UPDATE: 1200 BST: It would seem that Apple has now changed its mind again, saying it will press ahead with the iPad launch after all. Since Stephen Fry got one early and produced an unboxing video, it seems that Steve Jobs has realised they’ll probably sell a load now anyway…


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