Apple about to hit 50 billion app downloads

Alex Walls
May 3, 2013

Apple is about to hit 50 billion app downloads.

That’s a lot of Temple Run.

Apple’s dominance in the app department is already waning; you no longer have to wait months for the Android version of something to be released and there are exclusive debuts happening on the platform – just look at Facebook Home.

A recent forecast by ABI Research predicted that Android would account for more than half the smartphone application downloads this year, with Apple coming in second at 33%.

But the 50 billion marker is a good indicator that yup, Apple’s still going strong.  It only hit 40 billion in January, after all – that’s almost 10 billion app downloads in five months.

In anticipation of its 50 billion downloads, Apple is running a competition (and marketing campaign) for the person who downloads the 50 billionth app to win a $US10,000 App Store gift card, as well as runner up prizes in the form of gift cards.

At time of writing, the counter was about to hit 49,241,000,000 so it won’t be long before the 50 billionth app has been downloaded and the world is a little ‘appier (What Mobile apologises for the quality of that pun).

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