Android Nokia phone to stab Windows Phone in the back?

Jamie Feltham
December 11, 2013

You’d think that Nokia was Windows Phone-exlcusive. At least you’d be safe to assume seeing as the Lumia range is a leading Windows Phone platform and that Nokia is, y’know, pretty much a part of Microsoft now. As it turns out, an Android Nokia phone could be coming soon.

The rumours originate from The Verge, which cites several sources in saying that the Nokia Normandy, a handset that leaked via EV leaks a few weeks back, is in fact an Android phone. However, expect the phone to be more like a Kindle Fire, running a modified Android with restricted app access, instead of the real thing.

Don’t expect it to threaten the Lumia line either; apparently the phone is a cheap, Asha-level handset.

Still, there’s no word on just how legitimate this Android Nokia is and even then we don’t know if the phone will see release. Given the recent acquisition, we’d bet against it.

Source: The Verge

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