Android calculator edition

Thomas Wellburn
June 25, 2015

An ingenious hacker has managed to get Android 1.6 Donut running on a calculator.

Remember those calculators at school that everyone used to play games on all the time? Well now, they can run Android too.

Josh Max has managed to install Android 1.6 donut on the device and can even play the classic version of Lunar Lander on his TI-Nspire CX “graphing handheld”, which will surely make nerds the world over cry with excitement.

Unfortunately, those sorts of calculators are not cheap. At £110, you can probably buy a full Android device for a similar price. The new LG Spirit 4G can be had for as little as £115 from some online retailers. Still, it’s worth checking out if you’re a bit of tech-head.

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