Amazon Page Flip, the advantageous bookmark needed

Manny Pham
June 28, 2016

Amazon Page Flip is being rolled out this week, offering a reading experience closer to reading a physical book. The digital bookmark is here people.

Reading through George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series on my Kindle is one of the most rewarding reading experiences I’ve ever had. Martin’s crafting of words beautifully describes the fictional world of Westeros in great detail, with tons of references to landmarks and cities that would overwhelm the average reader, if it were not for the handy map included before the prologue.

Fellow fiction readers will understand the pain and the constant referral to maps of their respective fantasy worlds, to aid in the visualisation of beautiful landscapes and sprawling cities.

Amazon Page Flip is a digital finger on a page

Amazon’s new free e-books software Page Flip will ease you with constantly referring to previous pages, by essentially giving you a digital bookmark/finger to mark where you were.

Page Flip makes it incredibly easy to jump around your literature by tapping the bookmark tool on the corner of the screen, while a small thumbnail follows you around. The feature will be incredibly useful for non-fiction readers who often have to check reference materials and footnotes.

amazon page flip

Kindle Vice President Chuck Moore said “with Page Flip, we’ve taken inspiration from how people read print books and improved upon it.”

Laura Hillenbrand, best-selling author of Unbroken, said “with Page Flip, books become vastly more accessible, navigable, interactive, and enthralling. As a ravenous reader and scholar, I savour the ease with which Page Flip allows me to keep thumbnails of maps and diagrams, my notes and highlighted passages, and bookmarked pages before me as I read, so that all I wish to see is accessible with the tap of a finger and my focus never has to leave the storytelling.”

The new feature will be available for Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and the Kindle mobile app for iOS and Android. The update will roll out this week.

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