Amazon Fire Phone gets its first major update, covering up some glaring absenses

Callum Tennent
August 19, 2014

Amazon Fire Phone hasn’t been met with the warmest of responses in its early weeks following launch. The problems with the device seem, by consensus, to be largely conceptual. Running a forked version of Android, though, there are definitely some software issues that could be addressed.

Thankfully, Amazon has done just that with the release of Fire OS 3.5.1, the first major update for the Fire Phone. With it comes some much-needed features which regular Android users would normally take for granted.

There’s now a ‘multitasking mode’, wherein a double-press of the handset’s home button will bring up a ‘quick switch’ menu to allow you to choose between currently running apps. Its exactly the same as what happens when you double-press the home button on an iOS device.

There’s also something called ‘app grid collections’, known better to you and me as folders. Now Fire Phone users have a way to actually group their apps together for greater convenience and a tidier home screen. You can also now pin apps to the app carousel for even easier access.

Video sharing has been improved, as you can now send high-resolution clips via email or MMS.

Finally, Amazon says that ‘dozens of system updates’ mean that the battery life is now even better.

If  you’ve got a Fire Phone and you wish to install the update, simply head to your device’s Quick Actions Panel and into Settings. From there, tap Device and then Install System Update. Simple.


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