Acer refreshes Liquid Mini, with Gingerbread and new colours

Jonathan Morris
May 31, 2011

Acer has refreshed the Liquid Mini, offering four new colours for the reduced-size smartphone. It also gets an upgrade to Android 2.3, and new versions of Acer’s UI and social networking app, SocialJogger.

What Mobile has also been told that the current Liquid Mini should be offered a free update to Android 2.3, including the new app updates.

The full press release below:

Taipei, 31st May 2011 – Acer liquidmini has refreshed its look and is now available in new vibrant and trendy colors: a bouquet that encompasses all the colors of your summer.

Cherry, lagoon, pearl and steel: these are the four new colors that evoke summer, vacation and the longing for relax and have fun with friends. You can pick and choose since there’s something for everyone withliquidmini! But there’s much more to it than meets the eye:

Liquidmini now embarks the Android 2.3 – Gingerbread – operating system which combined with the Acer 4.2 user interface is your ticket for speed of execution and total ease of use. The new Acer UI is full of nice touches guaranteed to make your life easier. With widgets that now can be placed on the home screen, you can arrange what you use more often within easy reach. And there is also more space for wallpapers and widgets. You can now quickly switch between apps simply by long-pressing on the Home key, and you can also type away even faster on the virtual keyboard as the status bar has now been placed at the top, to avoid any mistyping.

Give a boost to your social life with the SocialJogger 2.0 app. Developed by Acer, SocialJogger now integrates Flickr and Plurk on top of Facebook and Twitter keeping you up top date on what’s going on in a single feed! What’s more, SocialJogger put on new clothes. It flaunts cool 3D effects panning from one page to another and offers easier navigation thanks to the side cursor. Now you can also post new photos and videos to your networks directly from SocialJogger and you can do a lot more: access social events and messages, view your social photo albums, view notifications, answer new friends requests€¦.

Liquidmini comes with a 3.2” high quality multi-touch display for a unique user experience: surfing the web will be smooth and fast, rich in color and content, sheer joy, while browsing the photo gallery or zooming-in on that smile will be as easy as thinking about doing it.

You can listen to your entire music collection thanks to the scalable memory card slot, tune into your favorite radio station or watch the latest YouTube video on the magnificent 3.2” liquidmini screen. Shoot a video or take a picture with the 5 megapixel camera and share it with your Facebook, YouTube and Flickr friends in just a click.

liquidmini also comes with DocumentsToGo® and RoadSync® to display the most popular Office formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF) and send them by e-mail thanks to Microsoft Exchange support. And with high speed data connection and a fast browser, you can surf the web and find what you need in just minutes. And of course it comes with the complete suite of Google applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Navigation and Google Talk and Android Market to safely download more than 150,000 applications and games!

With DLNA technology you can connect your liquidmini to the TV to watch multimedia content on an even bigger screen.

Mini size, maxi possibilities in multi-colors: liquidmini the best in fresh, fun and alluring design!

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