Accelerometers could be exposing smartphones to advertisers

Jamie Feltham
October 14, 2013

Here’s your Monday morning conspiracies update. Research is suggesting that the accelerometer inside your smartphone may be exposing the device. This means advertisers may be picking up on your activity.

Security researcher Hristo Bojinov has said as much to SF Gate. Apparently the imperfections in a device’s accelerometer make it easy to pick out. Every device’s data is unique, so it’s easy to track. This could open your device up to targeted advertising by leaving a footprint of where you go around the web.

Don’t toss your handset out of the window just yet though, as Bojinov doesn’t know if there are any companies putting this into practice. That said, he’s sure there are some exploring it. Of course, there are other ways that companies could be tracking your phone, so don’t think that this is the first time we’re all exposing ourselves (or the last, for that matter).

Source: SF Gate via Slashgear

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