7 Amazing Christmas Card Ideas To Make Online

Corey Payne
November 22, 2019

When the holiday season approaches, it’s time to tell the ones you love you’re thinking of them during this special time of year.

The old ways of sending paper cards are still commonplace for many, but there are plenty of unique Christmas card ideas you can try to create online, too!

If you’re short on inspiration, read on for seven helpful ideas that will encourage you to create a Christmas card that’s truly unique online this holiday.

1. Christmas Card Ideas for the Family

Whether you’re newlyweds or you have a large family, people love to get cards that include a photograph. Create a card online that features a sweet family portrait as the centerpiece. You can also include wording that says something like “Happy Holidays from the Smiths” and add the year so the card becomes a keepsake.

2. Make It Shine

There are plenty of gorgeous paper options out there for your holiday cards. Look for something featuring a shimmering metallic foil to make your Christmas card stand out from the crowd. Choose gold, silver, copper, or a mixture of metallics for a shiny touch.

3. Use Online Templates

Free online templates can make Christmas card ideas much easier. These programs allow you to choose a unique design, then fill it in with your own wording for personality. Come up with something unique and then send it for free to as many people as you want.

4. Print Your Cards to Sign Them

If you have a few Christmas card ideas that you love, you can always create them online and then print them out. Use a colour printer so it captures the cheer of the season. Then, sign each card individually and include a personal message before you mail them out.

5. Go with a Trendy Rustic Theme

The rustic theme is all the rage, so try something featured in this charming style. Look for adorable graphics like eucalyptus wreaths, holly berries, and colourful garland. Buffalo plaid backgrounds are another popular option that will help you show off your farmhouse style.

6. Don’t Forget the Pets

If you’re planning to include a family photo, don’t leave Fido out! People love to see pets on their holiday cards, and it’s an adorable addition to your greeting. You can dress your dog or cat up or simply include them in the family picture for a sweet greeting everyone will love.

7. Create a Collage

Your Christmas card doesn’t have to be limited to just one main photo. If you prefer, craft something with a fun collage featuring a variety of photographs throughout the year. This is a fun way to send people a mini photo album of your family.

Make the Holidays Bright with Custom Cards

With these online Christmas card ideas, you’ll make something that’s truly personal this holiday season.

Don’t forget to include family pictures, fun graphics, and lettering that gives your card personality.

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