The future of cars: Top advances in car technology

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February 11, 2021

Just as cell phones can now do more than make calls, cars can do more than drive and park. In recent years, the automotive industry has worked for hand in hand with leading technology companies to provide the most advanced, safe, and comfortable vehicles available. Cars are becoming great smart devices with advanced emergency braking capabilities, mapping technology for autonomous driving, better fuel efficiency, and cars as a means of transportation.

Top 8 advancements in the automotive industry

Here are some exciting innovations that we are likely to see in the next generation of cars. Also, if you want to experience the latest cars you can hire a car from any professional Rent A Car Dubai Cheap company.

1- Voice Over Command

The introduction of Alexa-like personal assistants tops the list of innovations. You will interact with your car using voice control One scenario: you could drive and look for a parking space. All you have to do is say, “Find a parking lot”, and your vehicle will direct you to the nearest, cheapest, and safest garage. Based on your programmed preferences, then you will pay the fee with your credit card.

2- Mechanic on Wheel

Cars will be able to diagnose their mechanical problems. If it’s a necessary software patch, you will benefit from an update. If you need to take a car to a mechanic shop, the car will research the options and book an appointment. (They can also renew their insurance and look for better deals.)

3- Navigation Options

As the navigation maps are overlaid with more data, you will be able to choose your route based on an increasingly wide range of criteria, including “less polluted”. ” Vehicles will take you automatically from point A to B by the proper routes for better air. “If you are elderly or have chronic asthma, this becomes a real benefit.” Other possibilities: “safest route”.

4- Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars are here and doing well in safety tests, an auto industry start-up that previously spent 27 years at Volkswagen. The twist they predict: People will be able to share these cars. ” Cars are not being used mostly in today’s time,” they say. “If the car is autonomous, everyone has an excellent opportunity for people to become part owners. They only pay for the part of the car they use. They see the potential, in particular, for young people who may not be able to afford their vehicles, people with disabilities who cannot drive, and older people who may need to stop driving.

5- Custom Designed Cars

Using 3D printing technology, Arizona-based Local Motors 3D prints cars. They work with predetermined types of engines and 3D printing cars. You can choose functions from different cars to create your own. This means that we can see all kinds of interesting cars on the street, they say. These cars won’t cheap, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the way to go.

6- Doctor in Your Car

Ford is leading the way in technology that monitors health from the driver’s seat. The company has already developed an EKG reader that monitors heart function using sensors in the seat that don’t need to touch the skin to function. In preparation: technology to monitor glucose levels in people with diabetes. People with heart problems and diabetes already monitor their health at home; this technology will allow them to do it from the car.

7- Intelligent Dashboard

Augmented reality panels are already a reality on BMW vehicles, but industry experts predict that 70% of new cars will incorporate them. The boon for safety, these features project information such as speed and directions. Stepping on the windshield directly in the user’s field of vision, so there is no need to take your eyes off the road.

8- Brain Assisted Cars

Many crashes can be avoided if the driver had deviated or braked a little faster. If Nissan is successful, brain wave technology will make it happen. By detecting a driver is about to perform any of these functions, brain-vehicle technology could speed the process up to half a second. The driver will have to wear a helmet full of electrodes, which the company tries to do wirelessly and as discreetly as possible.

Final thoughts

After decades of automotive technology that had evolved only marginally since the mid-20th century, experts say that we are now seeing ultra-fast change comparable to the industry’s early days. “In the last 30 years, the way cars were made hasn’t changed much. But now things are changing fast and quickly. These are some exciting innovations that we are likely to see in the coming years.

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