New InMyBag Insurance Service Will Protect Your Gadgets and Data

Thomas Wellburn
September 7, 2017

InMyBag, the brainchild of InsurTech Gateway at Hambro Perks, an advisory and investment boutique based in London, has officially launched the UK’s first complete gadget insurance service.

Smartphone and gadget insurance is a commonly overlooked thing for most people, even though it effects most of us at some point in our lifetime. One look on the internet and there’s plenty of services to choose from, often very cheap. The only problem is that most of these offer a single layer of protection, either device reimbursement or data recovery. InMyBag want to change this, by offering a comprehensive package that combines device protection, data protection and a committed UK customer service team.

After a soft launch lasting several months, the company has today unveiled the service to a wider audience. InMyBag guarantees to repair or replace up to £5k of gadgets ‘ such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops ‘ in as little as four hours and always within 24 hours. There’s a £25 excess for repair and a £50 excess for replacement. The fledgling insurance company is already off to a solid start, partnering with strong global brands such as Amazon Prime and Apple. Prices are done on a quotation basis and charged monthly, depending on the gadgets you wish to protect. Anything worth sub-£1000 will cost under £11.99 per month, anything sub-£2000 will cost under £20.99 per month. Gadgets worth in excess of £3000 will be subject to a unique quotation based on the individual user.

The company also boasts an exclusive partnership with CrashPlan, bringing enterprise-grade data backup service to members at no additional cost. Users of the service will get unlimited cloud storage, minute-by-minute backup, protection against deleted files and any-device access. Data is totally secure while file encryption, virus and ransomware recovery mean that nothing is irretrievable in the event of a cyber attack. InMyBag says they use the same tools for securing your data as Netflix and Uber.

InMyBag also offers international protection for up to 90 days a year, a helpful perk for corporate users who spend much of their life on the road. If you’re abroad and a vital gadget is lost, stolen or broken, the company claims it will do its best to help out quickly and efficiently. This includes transferring funds into your account on the same day so you can buy a replacement device immediately. Combine this with strong cloud services and it seems like a very comprehensive package, offering all-round coverage.

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