£50 phone for the older generation

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November 20, 2008

The new Speakeasy is a direct response to the need for a low cost handset for older people, or those with poor sight, that require a clear display and easy to use buttons.

Although the rest of the industry is always looking at ways to reduce sizes and pack in new technology, Binatone’s Speakeasy is a no-nonsense, back to basics alternative for those who admit to being technically challenged, or simply those who don’t want all of the extra features that make phone usage complicated, and speed up battery drain.

The GSM phone has an extra large display, speakerphone, loud ringtones, strong vibration alert and compatibility with Digital Hearing Aids. There’s also a torch function, direct SMS key and a unique notepad at the back of the phone.

The £49.99 buys you a SIM-free handset, not locked or connected to any network. It is available by calling 08701 600 600 or visiting the Communic8 website at

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