4G coverage at the top of the world

Alan O'Doherty
July 8, 2013

Feel like tweeting from the top of the world? It’s now easier than ever before as 4G coverage is extended to Mount Everest.

Huwawei deployed a 4G transmitter at a base station where mountaineers often begin their ascent last month. The first 3G services in the area were launched three years ago by a Nepalese company who went on to make a successful phone call from 5200 metres.

The extension of this 4G coverage was a joint project between Huwawei and China Mobile, with the companies having first worked together in the area in 2008 to help provide mobile coverage as part of the Olympic Torch relay.

The 4G services being provided, known as LTE TDD, have been used by  nearly 40 operators in Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, Western Europe, Russia and Africa. It is hoped that providing 4G on the popular mountaineering spot will help improve safety for climbers.

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