4 ways smartphones have revolutionised customer service

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January 14, 2021

Today, smartphones are no longer a luxury with an increasing number of people using them as their main computing device. Smartphones serve a range of functions from communications to productivity, work, travel, shopping, and much more. And when it comes to customer service, smartphones are revolutionising the way that customers get what they need. As customers look for more convenient, efficient methods of shopping and accessing services, smartphones have played a pivotal role in ensuring that this is possible. Here are just some of the main ways that smartphones have improved customer service for the better. 


Smartphones have not just improved online customer service, but their use has also spilled over into retail, travel, and many other industries. Barcode scanner devices, for example, are now commonplace in airports where travellers can easily scan their boarding pass to get on a flight, reducing waiting times and improving efficiency. Many retail stores offer apps that customers can use as they shop in-store to scan barcodes and check the prices of items; some even go a step further by allowing customers to scan items as they shop, generating a QR code that is then scanned at the checkout to make payment quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before. 

Shopping Apps:

Online shopping apps were one of the first ways that customer service was revolutionised by smartphones. While today, all reputable eCommerce websites are mobile-friendly and incredibly easy to use on a smartphone, shopping via an app takes the experience even further and has a range of benefits for customers. For example, using an app like Amazon, customers can save products in their basket, compare different products, sign up for subscriptions, save payment methods and addresses, and much more, making online shopping a more convenient experience than ever. 

Self-Management of Consumer Services:

Smartphones have made it easier than ever for brands to provide their customers with more control and autonomy over the services that they use, both within and outside of the retail industry. For example, many banks and financial institutions provide apps that customers can download to their smartphones to use to manage their money on the go, allowing them to make transfers, payments, save and budget without the need to contact the bank or order statements in the mail. 

Customer Support:

Last but not least, smartphones have revolutionised customer support by providing customers with more options for getting in touch with the businesses that they use regularly. Today, making a phone call or visiting a physical location are no longer the only options that customers can use when they have a complaint, query, or complaint. Customers can use their smartphones to get in touch with businesses on social media, through web chat apps, and via email within a matter of seconds. 

If you’re like most people today, you probably couldn’t imagine life without your smartphone. Along with being a top source of communication and entertainment for many, smartphones have also revolutionised customer service across a wide range of industries.

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