3’s MiFi gives you a hotspot in your pocket

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August 5, 2009

When we got a call this morning from 3 asking if we’d be interested in hearing about the MiFi, we said ‘hell yes!’. Well, actually it was a more polite ‘yes please’, but you get the idea.

The idea of a portable Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t new – Nokia Series 60 users with a Wi-Fi enabled mobile can get an application to turn the phone into a hotspot, while you can buy a range of Wi-Fi routers that hook up to an existing USB dongle.

The MiFi is a self contained device, measuring 86x45x10mm, that contains a SIM card and then acts as a Wi-Fi router. This means you can hook up your laptop, Xbox, Wii, any mobile phone that has Wi-Fi, an iPod touch and – well anything with Wi-Fi basically. Enter the eight-digit key and you’re away in seconds.

The wireless modem will be coming to 3 before Christmas, with pricing information coming nearer the time. We’re down on the list to get one of these babies to test out and can’t wait!


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