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July 1, 2019

New Ofcom legislation means consumers can simply send a text to switch provider – putting an end to network switching nightmare

More than 16 million people* are eligible to switch contracts with Carphone Warehouse calculating people could each save an average £228 on a new two-year contract

Carphone Warehouse is helping Brits to “pull a switcheroo,” sparked by the new legislation which makes switching easier than ever

16.1 million Britons* could each save an average £228 on a new contract, according to new figures released today by Carphone Warehouse.

From today, Brits should find changing mobile network provider easier than ever thanks to the introduction of Ofcom’s new switching legislation. The new legislation means that consumers need to send just one free text to 65075 and their new, and previous, contract providers must ensure the switch is completed within 24 hours.

Prior to this, switching networks took almost two nightmarish working days (15.6 hours) on average. With 51% of people declaring the experience as ‘difficult’, it’s no wonder almost half (48%) of Brits have refrained from switching mobile networks in the last five or more years.

Key reasons for Brits to stick vs. switch, include the hassle and process being “too time-consuming” (25%), “too stressful” (19%), or “too much effort” (25%). From today, this all changes. Consumers will be able to request their PAC code by simply sending a text – meaning it’s easier to keep an existing number and shop around to secure the best deal.

Today marks a double-whammy win for consumers; Firstly, mobile phone users can now switch networks in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Consumers text “PAC” for free to 65075
  • Step2: Consumers receive their PAC code within as little as a minute, plus account details to share with their new provider
  • Step 3: Within a working day, consumers’ old service ends & new one begins

Additionally, as the new-improved process puts more power in consumers’ hands – forcing networks to compete harder, Carphone Warehouse expects that networks will likely offer better rates, with better deals predicted for loyal customers for AND for those wishing to switch.

Carphone Warehouse Branch Manager & Resident Switching Expert, Priya Cinar, comments: “I’ve helped hundreds of people switch contracts and all too often it’s been a long-winded and complicated process.  People have had to have long discussions with  customer service teams, navigating multiple phone numbers, and having to pay two contracts at the same time – it’s been a painful process that causes many customers significant stress and puts them off switching completely. Thankfully, the new Ofcom legislation finally puts the power back in the hands of the people so anyone paying too much on contracts will be able to pull a switcheroo and save hundreds- and we at Carphone Warehouse love that.”

She adds: “What’s more, with the new ruling set to up the competition between mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators, we expect a whole host of new deals to be announced to in the coming days and weeks – meaning a double whammy win that saves time AND money for customers.”

“At Carphone Warehouse we’re dedicated to getting our customers the best deal and have the biggest range of networks, handsets, and offers, as well as hundreds of expertly trained colleagues, to help customers pull a switcheroo and save money on their contracts.”

While 83% of people aren’t currently aware of the new legislation being introduced, once informed, nearly a third of Brits (32%) think that the new Ofcom legislation is good as it will allow them to shop around for a new deal, switch providers and have their new contract on the same day. While a similar number of people (32%) feel they will have more choice and control over their mobile phone network. A further (27%) said they felt comforted knowing they will receive their PAC code immediately and won’t lose their phone number.

With the largest range of networks, handsets and deals, as well as thousands of friendly and highly-trained expert colleagues, dedicated to helping consumer find the best deals, Carphone Warehouse is encouraging everyone to pop into their local store today to see how much money ‘pulling a switcheroo’ could save them.

While in store, customers can also benefit from Carphone Warehouse’s unique PinPoint tool, that compares thousands of deals along with network coverage in your local area, meaning you can find the perfect deal for you.

While for those who would rather shop online, the ‘Help me choose’ function on the Carphone Warehouse website allows users to search for new deals by what’s most important to them. For more information, go to:

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