£10 Now TV set-top box adds 4oD app

Jordan O'Brien
November 27, 2013

Sky has been selling the £10 NOW TV box for quite a while now, and it’s an ingenious way of making your bog-standard ordinary TV smart – well now it’s about to get even smarter with yet another app released on the ultra cheap box. Channel 4’s 4oD joins a whole host of other apps on the box, with iPlayer and Demand 5 already present.

The NOW TV box now has over 45 apps, which for a £10 box isn’t half bad – although to get full advantage out of the box you’ll need to buy a NOW TV subscription, which will set you back £9.99 a month. Of course there’s nothing forcing you to shell out the extra cash, as other services such as 4oD and BBC iPlayer are completely free to use.

If you want a cheap way to get Netflix on your TV, then you might as well look elsewhere, as both LOVEFiLM and Netflix have been excluded from the app list, given both are major competitor of Sky’s growing streaming service.

Source: CNET UK

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