10 best free website to download music

Trudy Seeger
July 3, 2019

There are ‘n’ numbers of streaming websites that offer online free movies and free music to download such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music and all these are great ways to enjoy your favourite music when your internet connection is reliable. But, sometimes people want to download their favourite music for their offline fun. If you search on the internet, you can get plenty of platforms that provide free online music downloads at high-quality MP3 form. Here are 10 free music download platform from where you can download your favourite free music legally and safely. Thus, search and choose your favourite proffered platform to download popular music according to your choice –

1). SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the foremost sites which let its visitors access your favorite
unlimited music & download music free. This is the best MP3 free music
download platform at which your favorite beats are uploaded by different
artists and well-known musicians. All the music beats at the platform can be
easily and instantly downloaded by just a single click on the Free Download
button. Moreover, some of the beats at this platform requires liking the
Facebook page to download the track.

2). Jamendo

Jamendo is also known as the best alternative that offers free and safe
music download. At this platform, all the songs are uploaded in a protected
manner by Creative Commons License. On this platform, you can also enjoy a wide
collection of MP3 songs that have 500,000 plus free download music and 40,000
plus artists from all over the world. You can search your favorite music by
their popularity, genres, & newness and simply download them freely.

3). SoundClick

SoundClick is the best platform that helps to download free music from
its artist’s sites directly because there are some musicians that offer their
track for the free download. From this platform, you can download your favorite
music legally and also buy licensed songs. You can search your favorite songs
via their genres. The platform is also featured with the radio station,
interaction forums, mail option for personalized e-cards, etc.

4). Audio Archive

Audio Archive provides you numerous features to download music to your
favorite audiobooks, radio programs, podcasts, etc. the platform has a large
audio library that includes around 2 million of free digital audio music files
that are downloaded in various formats like MP3 & OGG.

5). Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is the interactive library that offers high quality & free audio downloads. The most favourable part of this platform is you can download your favourite music without creating your account. It provides you with a bunch of online music & astounding curate melody which is created by several music labels & enthusiasts.

6). Audiomack

Audiomack is the user-friendly interface & have easy access.
Audiomack is a great platform for music enthusiasts to find out amazing music.
It is the best free music download platform that has perfectly categorized
sections like Top Songs, Trending, & Top Albums that enables an easy search
of your desired songs.

7). NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is famous for its remarkable collection of various audio albums of numerous artists that helps you to browse your favourite music of any artists easily. All the music files available on this platform are absolutely free and completely legal. The site is easily downloadable to explore new songs on this platform. The music is divided into various sections such as Trending section and Top Downloads.

8). CCTrax

CCTrax is free & safe to download music. The layout of this platform is quite simple yet interesting to explore your favourite music by genre, artists, license, and label. The platform is known for offering songs in various classifications, such as Dub, Ambient, Techno, Electronica, etc.

9). is also the best music platforms to download your favourite MP3 music & explore for the new music. The platform offers you the best musical taste & listening habits. Moreover, you can share your love for music on this platform.

10). YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform that offers numerous streaming videos & audios. But, most of the songs on this platform are illegal for the downloading process as they have copyright restrictions. The music tracks having a CC license on this platform are free & safe for downloading. Moreover, saving your favourite songs on YouTube is quite complex and you have to use various third party tools for this process such as Gihosoft Free Video Converter which helps to download your favourite music from YouTube.


The above list offers the best free music download platforms that offer
various songs which are absolutely free. Thus, go ahead and choose your favorite
music for free download. 

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