giffgaff introduces a new £10 ‘golden goodybag’ offering 3GB more data

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July 31, 2020

An exciting new offering has been announced as giffgaff is trialling a brand new £10 goodybag option – the ‘golden goodybag”. This new goodybag will provide unlimited texts, minutes and 9GB data – that’s 50% extra data at the same price point. While the existing £10 goodybag will remain, the £10 ‘golden goodybag’ is there to offer that little bit more data for those who need it.

To purchase the goodybag, non-members simply need to select the ‘golden goodybag’ and set their purchase to recurring while ensuring that they have saved a valid card payment method. For existing members, who are already on a recurring goodybag and would like to switch to the new £10 ‘golden goodybag’, all they need to do is log onto their account and select the new goodybag before their existing bundle renews – ensuring it also has a valid card payment method.

An exciting new proposition for people to bag some valuable extra data, the ‘golden goodybag’ will be available online here from Tuesday 28th July for new members and on the app for existing members.

As always, giffgaff champions freedom and so, the member can turn off the recurring option before the end of the month at any point after purchase, however, if they then decide that they want the ‘golden goodybag’ extra data the following month, they will need to go back through the new journey process to confirm their card and set payment to recurring.

For further information, full terms and conditions for the goodybag can be found online here.

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