A day meant to get your back up

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March 31, 2023

Three UK’s Discovery Team provides their top tips for backing up, as well as debunking the myths of the Cloud.

In light of World Backup Day, new research from Three UK reveals that nearly half of Brits have lost photos, files or data from not backing up their devices

Three UK’s Discovery Team provides their top tips for backing up, as well as debunking the myths of the Cloud.

Not backing up can have an emotional impact, with nearly two-thirds (60%) saying that they felt sad about losing the items from their phone.

And despite this, 17% of those who have lost items from not backing up, still don’t make sure to back up properly. There is a lot of confusion around backing up, as 14% don’t understand how backup systems like the Cloud work, and 12% have no idea how to access their backup files.

Nearly half of Brits (47%) have lost data, photos or files from not backing up, and over a quarter of those (28%) lost sentimental photos and videos tied to important memories and people

So for those worried about losing sentimental data, fear not as Craig Miller, Head of Retail at Three UK has shared their top five tips for backing up:

Don’t be Afraid – People can be nervous about jargon such as “The Cloud”. Just think of it as an encrypted service that creates copies of your most important files and photos and stores them safely and securely, that can only be accessed by you when needed.

Be Proactive – Don’t wait for your phone to send you notifications about backing up. You can head to your settings to perform a manual backup, whenever you like.

Automate your backups – Most devices and applications will allow you to automate your backups. This way you can make sure your photos and files are secure, without really thinking about it.

Remember your logins – You can do everything needed to back up your files, but when it comes to accessing them, you’ll need your password.  If you struggle to remember your passwords, consider using a password keepers app such as Keeper or LastPass.

Ask for help – Three helps all consumers, (not just Three customers) get the most from their devices. Anybody can pop into their local Three store for a Discovery session to learn a new digital skill and get the most from their device/s or visit for online and in-person training sessions from our Team of Discovery Specialists.


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