Why Do Mobile Gaming and Online Casino Work Well Together?

Hammad Basharat
April 23, 2020

Online casino and mobile gaming are a natural fit. Both have seen a considerable rise in popularity in the last decade, and both offer something different to their counterparts. They are able to adapt to the gaming environment and provide players with what they are keen to engage with – a lot faster than more traditional methods of gaming. But what is it that makes online casino and mobile gaming such a strong match?  

The Ease of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is one of the most prolific arms of the industry, with mobile gaming apps accounting for 76 % of all app revenue, according to Moreover, mobile gaming accounts for more than 50 % of all gaming revenue. The fact that smartphones are not only a way of life but are continuing to improve means that the industry will likely continue to grow at a similar rate. The success of mobile gaming comes down to the fact that there is a low barrier to entry – people already own their gaming device. This is similar to online casinos: The lack of downloads means that people can easily access online casino sites. Someone looking for a new type of gaming on their commute, for instance, will find mobile online casino extremely accessible.

The Variety of Games

Being so versatile a platform, mobile allows for online casinos to offer a wide range of games for players. While other forms of gaming are subject to a smaller scope, modern casinos make it possible for players to branch out to all kinds of casino-themed games. There are 1000s of online slot games available to play. While most are optimized for the desktop, many have been repurposed for mobile devices. This versatility shows just how committed the industry is to allowing players to engage on mobile platforms. This range of games even includes titles that you might not expect at a casino, as shows us with their range of bingo themed games. These games take popular franchises such as “Deal or No Deal” and incorporate a bingo twist.

Latest Technology

One of the biggest technology jumps in recent years has been the growth in mobile games that rely on the latest technology, such as AR and VR. “Zombies, Run!” on, for instance, uses your direct environment in conjunction with the game software. A running-themed game, it works in the background while you are exercising and gives you an aural indication that zombies are chasing you at various points. This causes you to speed up running to escape them. This same reliance on new technology can be seen across online casinos with live dealer games. Live dealer poker and roulette, for example, allow players to see a real dealer, which adds an extra element of tension to the game.  

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of “Snake” on the Nokia. Online casinos have developed from the traditional games of blackjack offered on dial-up computers to mobile gaming experiences. Both industries have embraced their user base and have harnessed the latest technology to thrive. So, when combined, they are a formidable match.

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