Tips On How To Buy And Set up A Sound Bar

Danny Goulart
July 13, 2020

Below are a few things to note as you buy a Soundbar:

Where to place the soundbar?

When you purchase a Soundbar, you’re supposed to take care of a few things. Ensure that you intend on the position of the machine before you purchase it since you will need sufficient room on your TV for the diaphragm, and room for the subwoofer on your floor. You would always want to ensure that the soundbar does not obstruct some aspect of your monitor, including the IR receiver, which makes it challenging to use the remote control.


The more opportunities for access, the easier is the connection. A significant range of soundbars has HDMI, RCA and stereo compatibility of 3.5 mm. HDMI is particularly helpful if you intend to use the AV- receiver soundbar, whereas regular audio cords fulfill this function simply by attaching the soundbar to your TV. Furthermore, Bluetooth access is useful to relay sound wirelessly from your TV or fasten your phones and tablets for music and video.

Find out if the soundbar is passive or active

As stated, most soundbars are automatically disabled, so you only need to plug it into the electric outlet and run regular cords on the source unit. However, some soundbars are passive and need visible expansion. This means you should provide an amplifier or AV receiver to control the soundbar and transmit the source signal that is linked using the normal speaker cord.

Soundbar or soundbase

A conventional soundbar is slim and generally lies in front of your TV or placed directly below it if your TV is already fixed to the wall. On the other hand, sound bases are even and platform based in structure and require to position your TV directly on the sound base. Because it’s bigger, it typically includes bass drivers and doesn’t need a dedicated subwoofer. The best soundbar under 500 will definitely be useful if the discrete nature of the role gives you severe issues, you can easily find it on Helptochoose website.

How to set up a soundbar?

Place it strongly

Soundbars are big on the course, and the tiny soundbars often have more and more attachments. For hanging TVs that are no longer accessible, setting up the soundbar on the wall is another good idea. The soundbar has a compatible wall mount, which is given along with the soundbar at the time of purchase. It is specifically worth fixing on the wall, for products with a strong support standard.

Coincide both Image and Sound

HDMI TV cord does not suffer any issues with picture sound matching, as this is spontaneously balanced here. When the contact between TV and soundbar is interrupted or wired incorrectly, the sound may change in the settings. Typically, that is achieved during Lip Sync. In this scenario, the soundbars must play throughout the transmission process between 10 and 30 milliseconds, before the image and sound are simultaneous.

Echo Interactive Margin

Soundbars are able to create their best tone, so space mirroring is important. Soundbars can produce the simulated surround sound with guided sound reflections. It is also critical that it is safe to travel in space and is not profoundly disrupted. Objects that specifically detect sound waves should not be stopped.

Perfect set up

There is still a great deal to consider, especially when the solid woofer has been fixed: Firstly, it is necessary to place the sound beam in the centre of the TV box. When the soundbar is redeemed, dialogs, in particular, are abnormal.

If the soundbar has an outer speaker, it has to be placed as close as possible to the main speaker. The more distorted and irregular the subwoofer is from the bottom, the more abnormal it becomes. That is attributed to the fact that certain woofers can find the peak frequencies of over 100 hertz. The height at which the soundbar is placed to radiate to the seat location is at least equally significant. The latest purchase will not be focused on any conditions.

Check with the settings

Most soundbars have numerous types of video, music, news, etc. Hence, it is essential to explore the menus and check the different modes before making a purchase. For instance, voices are boosted in the news mode.

I hope the tips mentioned above can benefit people who intend to buy a soundbar for their house.

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