Tinder launches Prompts: the new way to spark conversation

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May 29, 2020

Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people has just introduced Prompts, which are questions or statements that can be directly added to your profile with your own personal answer, alongside your photos. Writing the perfect bio can be nerve-wracking, so Tinder has introduced a way to share bite-sized glimpses into your personality that can also be great conversation starters. A quick screen-recording tutorial video can be found here.


Below are some of our favourites, with examples of how to respond to the Prompts, which are sure to catch the attention of other Tinder members and guarantee a swipe right.

1.     I’m talking to my pet about… 

o   how they cope at home alone when I’m usually at work

2.     The one thing I won’t take for granted again…

o   sticky floors at my local pub! And boarding that sweaty, packed Central line! Let’s miss the mundane (and gross?) together. 

3.     Song I’m singing while I wash my 👐

o   Thank You Baked Potato, obviously. Which song have you got on repeat?

4.     Why hasn’t someone invented…

o   Teleportation? So I could make my great escape to Barbados. Are you joining me?

So how do you add Prompts to your profile?

1. It just takes three taps to access Text Prompts: 👉 Profile icon in the top right corner of your app 👉  Add Media 👉  Text Prompt


2. Pick your fave(s): 👉 The dice in the top left of the screen to see more Prompts. Pick the one(s) that speak to you and provide a response. These will display as a photo, so when potential matches 👉 through your profile, they’ll be front-and-centre. Here are some of our favourites that really show who you are:  

1.     The song I’m singing while I wash my 👐

2.     I’m finally binging 📺

3.     Two truths and a lie

3. That’s it: once you tap “Add”, then your Prompt response will be added to your profile photos. You can rearrange the order photos, Loops and Prompts are displayed – or remove them – at any time. 

4. Check back 👀

New Prompts will appear as weeks go by. So if you’re looking to refresh your profile as the world dates digitally, look no further than Prompts. After all, we know we aren’t going anywhere to take new photos.


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