Time management techniques to help you organize your quarantine

Izabella Barkhudaryan
April 9, 2020

If you are quarantined at home, you are probably wondering how are you going to manage to do everything without help and still stay sane and happy. Well, before we even get to the main list of recommendations, make sure your reception can handle the overload because if it can’t, you are going to need a phone booster. A bad connection is your worst enemy in quarantine times. But back to business. In these troubled times, it’s important to have skills of adequate time-management to both, stay on top of the workload, and tackle the house chores and cooking. So here we offer some advice on how to do that successfully, while you are hopefully locked in the safety of your home. 

  • Have a separate plan for the long run and for every workday. It’s hard to constantly keep in mind the goals for the month when you have something smaller to take care of every day. Just have a ready plan for every single day and also for the month (or longer if you prefer). Have it somewhere you can see and proudly tick off the things you managed to accomplish! This might seem simple, but it’s proven to increase productivity and help you focus. So make a list and stick to it!


  • Prioritise! Not everything on your list is of paramount importance. Take care of your tasks according to the priority status and if you feel overwhelmed at the end of the day you will still have accomplished the essential load first. This helps you breathe and avoid burnout. You’re not a robot and you can’t do everything by yourself all the time, and do it perfectly. Learn to be OK with that. 


  • Eliminate distractions. This is not a time-management tool per se, but it will help you get your stuff together and get more organized. Start with your desk. When you need to sit down and concentrate, having your yesterday’s coffee on the table will be no help. Organize your desk, clear some space and you will feel much better. If you work on the computer and don’t need your phone in the process, just put it away. To another room. So you’re not tempted to check your social media if the work gets a bit boring. 


  • Make sure your plan includes breaks. Ah, the joy of doing nothing… That process is actually more important than you think. It’s necessary for the brain to reboot and give your actual work more energy. So make sure you have designated time to rest and pretty much do nothing for at least 10-15 minutes. 


  • Have a schedule for household chores and cooking. Especially if you have a family with children, you are going to need some type of schedule if you want to survive the quarantine with you working, your spouse working and the kids having classes online. It’s time to include everyone in the chores. And the kids can get a lot done if they are properly praised and rewarded! Plus, having to decide the meals for the whole week will give you a chance to make an adequate grocery list, that you can stick to. 


In these uneasy times, getting organized will help you get more things done during the day, and lose less time on nonsense. It will keep you sane and help you get enough sleep that you will desperately need. Sleep is essential for your mental health and emotional stability, so you need to use the daytime as much as possible. Try to follow this advice and hopefully, your life will get back on track in no time! Stay home and stay healthy! 

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