The Future of 5g and How People Will Use It, Speed Up Gaming (gambling), Communication, Live Streaming

Alex Windsor
May 1, 2020

Fast internet at dizzying speeds is now a reality with the introduction of 5G. Indeed, after much confusion and broken promises, 5G has landed in certain cities, which include in the US, the UK, and some other nations. 5G is the next generation of internet technology, and it promises to take industries to new heights. 5G is a big leap forward from the 4G you have been experiencing. It promises faster downloads and a more stable connection.

This opens up a lot of potential for better communication and live streaming. Indeed, even doctors are excited about the introduction of 5G. Finally, the best doctors can reach any patient with their robot arms even if they are a hundred of kilometres away thanks to the power of 5G. Will wonders ever cease? However, many people believe that one of the biggest winners in 5G is the gaming industry.

1. Pushes the Limits for Cloud Gaming

Many people believe that cloud gaming is the future of video games. Google Stadia is a project that is set to test this platform. It may change how people approach their gaming. 5G technology can work seamlessly with portable devices, and it can even seamlessly stream games onto your portable device with the sophistication of a PC or Console.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a videogame that is set to be launched by Google Stadia and will test this platform. Cloud gaming is said to be the future, and Google Stadia is doing everything it can to push it forward.

2. 5G for New Portable Consoles

Who says 5G is only for your smartphone? If you are a diehard gamer, companies can even have 5G directly installed in their portable consoles. Companies like Nintendo are looking to incorporate 5G into their products.

Just what is in store for 5G in a portable player? Expect to play multiplayer games with no lag. You can zoom in on graphics and get stellar display every time. Handheld consoles will be able to connect to the internet so you can play anytime you want.

3. Growth of Mobile Games

Mobile games are played while on the go. 5G can help you enjoy a better experience with mobile gaming by having more stable connections. You don’t have to worry about dropping out of a game if your connection proves to be less than satisfactory.

There will be more multiplayer mobile games when developers realize the need for people to play online while away from their home internet.

In a 4G set up, people have struggled with the lag on multiplayer games, but with 5G, you can play with ease anytime anywhere.

This trend will also be of benefit to mobile casinos as people experience faster download speeds and seamless gaming and graphics from online casino providers.

Final Thoughts:

The future is now with the introduction of 5G internet. It will change the landscape of how people use the internet and how they connect. Expect better download speeds and better communications with the new system, and best of all, it is bound to open up a brand-new world of gaming.

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