Streaming usage soars during lockdown according to Uswitch

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April 24, 2020

The average household has seen streaming usage double to 17 hours a week

New research from Uswitch has revealed that stay-at-home consumers are watching an additional 170 million extra hours of streaming each week since the lockdown started.

This is compared to data before the lockdown, as 47 per cent of the 2,004 adults surveyed said they are watching a higher proportion of TV and streamed films than before.

Before the lockdown, figures revealed that adults watched an average of six hours of online TV, but this is more than double now.

The use of more streaming services through subscriptions means that consumers in the UK are spending £44 million a month on streaming services compared to October last year.

With one in 10 users planning to pay for additional services, users are now paying £15.30 a month on subscriptions rather than the £12.50 last October.

The most popular streaming services by the popularity in the UK are BBC iPlayer with 51 per cent, Netflix with 49 per cent and Amazon Prime at 35 per cent.

Uswitch streaming expert Nick Baker said: “Streaming is proving to be an increasingly popular way for people of all ages to watch TV and films.

“With such a wide range of options now available, it can be a little confusing to know which services are offering which shows, so it is worth taking some time to work out which one is right for you. If you aren’t sure, you can make use of the free trials many of these services offer, but remember that signing up for a new subscription does not mean you are committed for life.”

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