Mobile Internet Usage Jumps 10 Percent since Lockdown

Tina Anderson
April 10, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China was soon declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization since it has spread to more than two hundred countries around the world and has affected 1+ million people up till April 2020. 

Since this potentially- lethal pandemic gradually started to spread uncontrollably, people all over the world were flummoxed by the abrupt closure of various social and economic institutions that forced them to stay indoors.

As social distancing is the only way to curb this infection, the shutdown of schools, offices, cinemas, parks, and malls, etc. has left no option for people other than relying on the internet and TV to stay connected to the world, seek entertainment, study, and work.

Consequently, as millions of people are now working from home, e-learning, playing games and streaming movies or TV shows online, worldwide internet usage has spiked exponentially in the last few months. 

The skyrocketing increase in internet consumption has put the ISPs all over the world in a great test as they need to push their limits more than ever to give customers an uninterrupted internet connection.

Whether it’s Delhi in India where the mobile internet usage increased by 10% or Seattle in the US where the overall internet usage spiked 10 to 20% during peak hours, it has been quite a bumpy ride for the internet providers to meet the internet needs of tech-savvies irrespective of wherever they are.

Having said that, these challenges didn’t stop the ISPs from stepping forward to provide relief to their valuable customers who are stranded at home with the internet as their only hope to survive.

If we talk about the US, many leading ISPs around the Land of Opportunities have taken vigorous steps to facilitate their end-users amid this difficult time to support their online activities. 

The US is Ready to Fight the Massive Internet Consumption

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Americans including the internet service providers and their users are facing an unprecedented time. Since all people are cooped up at homes, it has become crucial than ever to stay connected to the World Wide Web to perform all personal and work related tasks.

Consequently, this has put incredible pressure on the ISPs, their network and customer service to level up their game to keep the communities connected to their loved ones and the world. 

Since it is our nature to stay up-to-date in every aspect of our lives, keep in touch with our family and friends and seek entertainment to fight stress, latching on to our ISP to feed us all the Mbps we need is the only way we can get through this tough time. 

As people across the US join hands to fight this pandemic, the ISPs are ensuring customers peace of mind by showing them that they are armed to the teeth to fight the broadband roadblocks in this critical time. 

Don’t Worry, The ISPs Have Got You!

The uncontrollable spiking internet traffic in the US has put all the prominent ISPs on high alert including AT&T internet, Cox, Century Link, Charter Spectrum and 46 others to take up necessary steps whenever needed to facilitate users to the maximum.

Apart from promising to keep the internet service continued, these ISPs have given a huge relief to their customers by lifting data caps and opening their innumerable public Wi-Fi hotspots for all Americans to use freely.

Moreover, since the abrupt closure of business activities and centers has left millions of Americans with tight budgets and limited resources, these ISPs have decided to do much more for them than just offering unlimited internet access.

To lessen the financial burden off the shoulders of their beloved customers, the leading ISPs in the US have announced that they will not cut off the connection of any household even if they fail to pay their bills for two months ahead of March. 

Additionally, these ISPs with a heart of gold have ensured all households in distress that they won’t be accountable to pay any late fee or extra charges in case they surpass their monthly quota or the monthly bill’s due date. 

Despite the superfluous demand for internet, TV or phone services, the service providers in the US such as the fiber-powered Wave internet has promised to offer its customers uninterrupted connectivity no matter what! 

From offering a vigilant 24/7 customer service to address network issues promptly to optimizing their robust network’s performance, Wave is going leaps and bounds to strengthen its back-up capacities to give relief to its customers in the East and West coasts of the central US. 

Whether you want to work from home, study online or curb the Coronavirus anxiety by chatting with a friend, surf social media, stream calming music or binge-watch TV shows and movies, you can do it all without thinking twice. 

Free Internet for Students 

As the educational institutions around the country have shut down indefinitely, students are forced to study via distant learning platforms to keep up with their academics. 

To support America’s bright future, leading ISPs such as Spectrum and Cox have announced to provide free wired and wireless internet installation to households with K-12 students for 60 days starting from March. 

Hang on! This Too Shall Pass!

This is indeed a very difficult time for the world, especially for the healthcare and the internet industry. Customers, government institutions, communities and the whole public is counting on the service providers to keep running as their strong support system amidst this time of immense social and economic dilemma. 

As social distancing is the key to stay safe from the Coronavirus, the internet is the only critical tool of communication for everyone. 

With the ISPs standing strong against the COVID-19 storm to save their customers from bearing any educational, financial or social losses during this time, there is no doubt that together we will fight this through and this too shall soon pass. 

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