How To Fix Laptop Showing No Display Error?

Aqib Mahmood
April 24, 2020

Laptops are sophisticated machines and when they show typical “No Display error”, things can quickly become annoying for the owner. There can be several reasons behind problematic displays, like loose cables or faulty RAM, you must do a little checkup on your own before calling in for expert laptop repair service in UK.

Let’s run you through some common laptop display problems and how you can do some initial troubleshooting.

Fix The Faulty RAM

According to experts at Geekscallout, faulty RAM is one of the common problems found in laptops showing No Display error. For initial troubleshooting, you can do the following:

  • Remove RAM From Its Slot And Put it Back On: If your laptop runs on a couple of RAMs, you can remove both of them and then put one of them back into its slot. Check display by using one RAM at a time.
  • Try to Change RAM Slot: If the problem persists, it could be a good idea to put each RAM in a different slot after cleaning.

Check Cables & Connections

Inappropriately connected cables can also be a cause of display errors in laptops and should be checked in your initial troubleshooting. Here’s what you need to do in this step:

Check Cables/Connections: Ensure that all cables are intact and aren’t cut, stripped, bent, worn, etc.

Check Graphics Cable/Video For Any Loosing: Laptops usually have very thin cables connecting the motherboard and the laptop screen. In some laptops, the graphics cable is pulled at the time of opening and regular use causes it to get loose. To fix the issue, you’ll have to open your laptop and reset the cables. Just make sure that you only do this if you have the skill to do it otherwise it’s best to call Master Computer for laptop repair in Perth and have the experts do it for you.

Check Graphics/Video Card

Another reason for “No Display” on laptop might be that your graphics/video card has gone rogue. This laptop part is responsible for giving display on your laptop screen and if it is not working fine then you may not even get any display at all. Most of the video cards in laptops aren’t standalone pieces and changing them might require complete motherboard replacement. Only experts can tell what kind of treatment your laptop needs if the problem is with the graphics card.

So, do initial troubleshooting and see if you can restore your laptop’s display on your own. If you fail, call in for expert help instead of worsening the problem even further.

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