How information technology changed the business structure?

Junaid Ali Qureshi
April 2, 2020

Information technology has been nothing short of a blessing so far. You can call it the internet; it still does not make it any less important than it already is. Information technology makes it possible for you to install woocommerce mix and match products or any woocommerce smart coupons for that matter. Information technology has made many positive changes to a number of industries and niches. From production, oil and gas, health down to commerce. Today, however, we shall be looking at the effects of information on how people do business. Truth is, there is not much to say besides what people already see. You and I are already making use of the benefits that come from the impact of information technology on commerce. Below are some of the means of how information technology changed the business structure.

Paying more attention to data

Gone are the days where doing business was down to hope or trial and error. These days, business is about strategy and every detail counts. To this effect, more firms are paying more attention to the gathering, storage, analysis and interpretation of information. These days, having an IT department is actually a necessity not just an added advantage. This is because any mistake in any of the above processes involving information can be fatal to your business.

Automation of certain services

Do you ever wonder how e-commerce firms are able to serve you round the clock? Is it actually possible to provide business services 24-7? Logically? No. with the help of information technology? Yes! This is because you can automate certain essential services. Emphasis on “essential”. With information technology, you will not have to worry about those services. Services such as taking of order, processing of the order and checking out. It is normal that it will take time to deliver those goods or services. Even the customer understands that too. In this light, your customers will not notice your absence.

Enabling new startups to flourish

The process of starting an e-commerce enterprise is much easier than starting a regular commerce outfit. So much so that most people tend to think that starting up an e-commerce outfit is free. Although it is not free, starting an e-commerce outfit is much easier than starting up a commerce outfit. This is thanks to the influence of information technology.

Powering business owners to spread the customer base

One major benefit of information technology on doing business is that you can do business with someone who you have not met physically before. All you need is an online presence, a product or service to offer and you are good to go. You can sell your product or services to individuals anywhere in the world if you are willing to do that.

Ease of doing business

The ease of doing business is not only on the aspect of the business owner. Information technology also makes it easy for customers to get want they want without going through much stress. With an AR, VR and AI-powered device, you can even try out the new product before you buy it. Yes, things are as developed like that. You can simulate your living room and try out the new wallpaper you want to buy before ordering it,

Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency

This very much the summary of everything. Everything I have been saying since all come down to this. Effectiveness is just getting something done properly. Efficiency, on the other hand, involves using fewer resources like money, time and workforce. If you go through my previous points, you will agree that information technology makes doing business effective and efficient.

There you have it, how information technology changed the business structure. So far, business is now easier to do, customers can now get better quality services and businesses can now reach more customers thanks to information technology.

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