How 5G Will Change the Mobile Casino Landscape

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April 25, 2020

The gambling industry is strongly connected to technologies, which is especially true for online and mobile gambling. Through waves of innovation and trailblazing new technologies, casinos and mobile betting sites can cash in and make their products and services even better.

One of the latest developments that have mobile casinos perched on the edge of their slot gaming chairs is 5G wireless technology. So, what is 5G, and why does it matter to casinos and their loyal players?

What Is 5G Technology?

5G wireless technology is a new cellular network that will provide peoples with improved internet speeds and reduced latency. What this exactly means for the everyday person is that they will experience internet connectivity up to 1000% faster than they currently do with 4G internet.

5G technology is gradually being rolled out in some urban areas but not yet available to much of the UK. When it is active and fully optimised in a city, that city will then be leading the world in internet speeds. It is also causing some people to name those cities as smart cities.

How 5G Will Transform Mobile Casinos

5G internet connectivity will benefit an array of industries and speed up online processes for the masses. Mobile casino apps will be one of the biggest beneficiaries. Here are three significant ways that 5G will transform mobile casino gaming:

1. Reduced Frustration

High ping rates are frustrating for all gamers. This is even more frustrating for casino gamers who are staying loyal to a time-sensitive strategy to try and win jackpots or make a profit. With 5G, the speed of the internet and reduced latency means these lags are going to be non-existent.

You only need to sweat it over the hand you are dealt or where the reels fall never about interrupted mobile gaming!

2. Live Dealer Games

The increased internet speeds also open up the possibility for mobile casinos to offer more live dealer experiences. These sorts of games are usually left for more powerful desktops and laptops. However, 5G will enable live poker, liver blackjack, live roulette and more to be filmed in a studio and streamed straight to your casino app.

When Can We Expect 5G Mobile Casinos?

5G technology is in the process of being refined, approved by the government and then being utilised by mobile casinos. Dont expect to experience these benefits in the coming weeks, but we are getting closer to the 5G rollout and depending on your location, mobile gaming is soon to become a whole lot better!

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