Five best Apps to download through your Amazon FireStick

Patrick Smith
June 28, 2020

Many people who purchase a FireStick almost immediately ask, “what apps should I download to get the most use out of this product?” and the answer to that question depends almost entirely on what you are using the FireStick for.

If you want to watch films, tv shows, listen to music, play games or browse more widely than you otherwise would be able to do, to turn a phrase, “there is an app for that!”.

There are literally hundreds of apps dedicated to all of the above functionality that most FireStick users are seeking to take advantage of, but finding the right one for your specific needs can be overwhelming, to say the least.

That’s why I have written this handy collection of the top five apps available to download via your Amazon FireStick to help you get started and hopefully provide a bit more clarity on what is available.


 Kodi is one of the most widely known and versatile free apps able to be downloaded via your Amazon FireStick and offers some incredible features.

 Whether you want to watch the newest tv shows or even some old favorites, Kodi offers the opportunity to access hundreds of options. It doesn’t end with TV either; using Kodi; you can even view full, crystal clear HD movies on your FireStick.

 Ability to create your own personal playlists in either music, film, or tv shows, you can essentially use Kodi to help create and grow your own personal content library.


Potentially the most well known and used content streaming app in the world, Netflix is a stalwart of the entertainment world and boasts an extensive library of films and TV shows.

Coming at an additional extra cost but providing the legitimacy and reliability that some FireStick users desire in their apps, Netflix is one of the most trusted and easy to use entertainment applications in the world.

By using your Amazon FireStick as an umbrella platform, you can bundle all your favourite streaming applications, both paid and unpaid, so that they are all accessible in one place.

Netflix offers users the ability to enjoy everything from the latest horror movies to documentaries, groundbreaking TV shows to the beat in children’s entertainment, and all for a phenomenal price.


 One of the newest and most eagerly awaited streaming services of the last five years, Disney+ gives users the chance to purchase action to virtually the whole Disney back catalogue.

Bearing in mind that now the House Of Mouse owns both Star Wars and Marvel Studios, the entertainment on offer is some of the most generation and era-defining movies ever made.

Also including all Pixar movies and Disney animated classics, the Disney+ app has something for the whole family, whether that’s the latest superhero adventure, a spellbinding animation, or a glimpse into an amazing universe.

Updated regularly and with several major TV shows and movies currently in development that will be exclusive to the platform, Disney+ is a streaming service with spectacular potential.


Express VPN

 If you are a privacy-minded individual looking to view content that is restricted in your particular area, Express VPN is an app that you should definitely download using your FireStick.

 Express VPN allows you to safely and securely change your server location, which means that not only will international content then be readily available, but you will also be much more secure from any nefarious players looking to track your online activities.

 This app is consistently voted as not only the top security app for users to download via the FireStick but also the best all-around app.

 Able to be installed in minutes and securely allowing users access to much more content, Express VPN is definitely an app you should consider downloading.


Cinema APK


Cinema APK is one of the most desired apps for the FireStick at the moment and allows users access to one of the biggest entertainment content libraries online.

 With literally thousands of hours of streamable content available from hit TV shows to award-winning films, Cinema APK has a library that is full of premium content and is constantly being updated.

 Cinema APK, just like the famous Terrarium TV, doesn’t host any content but rather provides access to streams from multiple servers in various locations.

 Completely free and exceptionally easy to navigate and use, Cinema APK is a must-have entertainment streaming app for any FireStick owner.


In conclusion, there is clearly a vast list of available applications, both paid and free for FireStick users, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

 I would say that all of the above apps on this list are well known and trusted services, and although some of them do incur an additional cost, this is potentially offset by their inherent trustworthiness.


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