Customer Support: Tips to Improve Customer Support to Your Customers in 2020

Lena Carla
June 25, 2020

Excellent customer support is an essential element in the success of any company. Most of the awardwinning companies, like Nextiva, focus much on offering the best customer service. Regarding the Nextiva reviews, most of the companys customers, who give feedback after a successful experience with the company, argue that Nextiva offers excellent support. This post explains tips to improve customer support to your customers.

Tips to Improve Customer Support to Your Customers.

Practice Active Listening Skills

The employees behind the customer support desk should take the time to listen and understand every customer‘s needs. When a customer calls your company, he expects to be heard and be understood. Therefore, you need to practice active listening to meet the customers expectations.

Practicing active listening involves focusing on the speaker and approaching the conversation aiming to learn from the speaker. Note that customers usually call to inquire, ask clarifications or questions, or give a recommendation. If you do not focus on the caller, you may not understand his issues and make it challenging to help them. Through practicing active listening, you will be helpful to your customers. Besides, you will learn new ways to improve your company and its performance.

Understand Your Products and Services

To be helpful to the customers, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the product or the services your company offers. Customers call for assistance, which they believe they can get as soon as they call the help desk. Therefore, you should be versed in all aspects of your products and services to avoid mistrust from your customers. If you hire specialists, ensure they undergo training to equip them with all technical and other aspects concerning your products and services. The training enables them to help your customers with any issue they might need assistance with.

Communicate Clearly

Communication skills are significantly crucial as any other skill in customer service. You should be clear and concise. Also, it would help if you use simple language. Note that some of your customers are a novice and from a different native as you. You should, therefore, ensure to communicate in simple, understandable language. In addition to that, individuals call to have their issues solved in realtime. They do not want to spend more time trying to figure out what you just said. Therefore, you should be sure to be precise. Before ending a call or a chat, ensure that the caller is satisfied.

In addition to having recommendable communication skills, ensure using reliable tools and software such as Nextiva Business Communication Suite to enhance clarity.

Use Collaboration and Customer Relationship Management Tool

Customer Relationship Management tools record customer information such as social media accounts, websites, contact info, among other info, manage the data, and provide an organized record of an individual customer. The info enables you to have a clear understanding of your customers and their relationship with your company. You can also use the information to identify the points to improve within your company. Also, by using CRM software, you can monitor your customers’ interaction with your help desk and identify their pain points even without them having to call or send complaints.

Enhance your Customer Interactions

Enhancing customer interactions involves two factors; availability and personal touch. Your customers should reach you at any moment they need your assistance. Employing the workforce that is available to attend your customer’s needs within different time zones is advisable. It would be best also to establish personal touchpoints. Your customers should feel they interact with real people but not bots and FAQs. Take time to respond to their messages in person. Do not always use automated systems to return to their issues, as this creates trust between them and your brand.

Survey and Analyze the Customers Feedback

Before ending a call with your customers, ensure to inquire if your services were satisfying. You can do this by directly asking the customer about your services on the phone or send feedback forms via emails. If the client was not satisfied, you should find other alternatives to help him out. The survey will enable you to know specific areas that need improvement. You will also make your customers happy and feel you value them, and you are willing to assist them in solving their issues with your product, thus building trust between them and your brand.


Even if your company receives positive feedbacks, there is always a space for improvement. Always strive to improve your customer support to grow your business consistently. Platforms such as Nextiva Business Communication Suite offer excellent features all to help you improve your customer support. The features include business communication service features, customer relationships, and collaboration tools. According to most of the Nextiva reviews, the platform offers impressive services.

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