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May 1, 2020

Working from home and noticed that your computer is running a little slow? Computing experts at Currys PC World, the UK’s largest electrical retailer, share some simple spring-cleaning tips to leave your desktop looking pristine and your important tech running smoothly.

Cleaning your computer

“One of the most common causes of computer slowdown is simply that it just needs a bit of a clean, physically and on the hard drive. All you need to clean your computer is a can of compressed air and a lint-free cloth. Additionally, you may want to wear an anti-static wristband to avoid the risk of damaging the electronics if you touch them by mistake.

We strongly advise you not to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of your computer. Vacuum cleaners can produce static electricity that can cause major damage to your computer.”

Here’s a step by step guide to cleaning your computer safely:

  • Remove the computer case
  • Following the directions on the can of compressed air, blow away the dust and fluff from the inside of the computer
  • Spray from the inside towards the outside
  • Hold the fans still while you spray through them to ensure they’re well cleaned
  • Blow excess dust of any heatsinks and chips
  • Use the lint-free cloth to brush away any remaining dust, being very gentle if you touch any components
  • Replace the case once you’ve finished

Cleaning your hard disk

“Over time, your computer can accumulate all sorts of bits and pieces you no longer need. All this excess data can start to slow your computer down over time, but a few simple tasks can get the system back up to speed again.

“First up, clean up your mailbox to free up a little space. Now is a good time to go through your mail and archive or delete any messages you no longer need.

 “Secondly, empty the recycle bin and clear out temporary files. Then, uninstall any programs, apps and games you no longer need, getting rid of old programs is good practice and frees up resources your computer can use.

“If you’ve not given your computer a good once-over in a while, you should notice a reasonable performance boost with these simple steps.”

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