Celebrate Your Love With A Customized Video For Your Significant Other’s Birthday!

Lee Lija
June 25, 2020

At some time, you must have wished that the special someone in your life makes your birthday special. If you have felt like that, then so did your loved one. 

Perhaps, you are considering dropping a text message on his/ her mobile with a birthday greeting, but you are not the only one. The days when you could send a simple gift to your loved one for their birthday are no more. 

Today, social media has hyped relationships to a great extent, and with the advent of Facebook, personalized video greetings are now a standard norm for greeting friends. However, your loved one expects more of you than that. They need a personal touch to make them feel important and special. 

To make a birthday video greeting for your boyfriend or girlfriend, the first thing that you need to do is know them well. Every picture together is bundled and packed with emotions. 

If you have a good collection of pictures together, it gets easier to create the perfect video. Now, it is time to get creative with your ideas and present your loved one with a video they will cherish for a long time. 

Creative Ideas for a Birthday Video Greeting 

1.    Recollection of Memories  

There is a ton of memories from your life together as a couple. You can take note of all the key moments and choose pictures that provide a visual, emotional memory. Making a story of how you have stayed together through thick and thin is sure to invoke a positive sense of hope in your relationship. 

As partners, you must have been on multiple dates, hanging out with each other, and getting to know one another. During this time, you must have snapped a few clips, even if it was just for a social media post. Arrange the pictures from your different dates in chronological order, and take your partner down on a memory lane with those wonderful moments. 

2.    Video about Passion  

After staying with your loved one for some time, you know all their interests, likes and dislikes, and their passion. Your loved one may be a soccer fanatic, a movie buff, a writer, or even a singer.  

Collect pictures of things your loved one is passionate about right from the early days to recent times. Arrange them with music from their favourite artist along with a message wishing them a happy birthday. If you can create a good video, you are sure to make them happy.  

3.    Make Plans 

While memories occur in the past and have a huge importance in your life, you are looking forward to the future. If you are in a serious relationship, a video message involving your partner and the dreams and hopes for the future may be the best way to represent your love for them.  

You may have thoughts for a dream home, a holiday honeymoon destination, or future kids. If you have plans, make sure to include your special one in those future goals. 

4.    Make a Collection of Their Favorite Quotes 

Sometimes, nothing goes according to plan, and the dosage of inspiration can get you a long way. 

Make your partner realize that you support them through the tough times, with quotes from their favorite poets and authors. Throw in some lyrics from their favorite song, and use a song in the background from their favorite artist. Nothing tells that you love your partner more than the support you show to them during their difficulties. 

5.    Bring in Your Pets to Wish Them 

Pets are cute, and there is hardly a soul that can keep an angry face when approached with such cuteness. If you are both animal lovers, your pet can help in wishing your special one with a birthday greeting. You can post a small video of your pet, and do a voice-over wishing a fantastic birthday. 

6.    Share a Laugh 

The current year has left everyone in dismay with the current situation of the world. A smile can keep us going through the day. You can share memes and funny videos to lighten the mood of your loved one and keep him happy on his special day. 

7.    Invite Your Loved One to a Date 

Using a free birthday invitation maker, you can invite your special someone to a venue and show them the time of their life. There is nothing better than a birthday date to brighten up the day of your girlfriend. You can also invite all of her friends for a secret birthday party treat to surprise her.  

8.    Be Creative  

Break the mold, and think outside the box. Since you know your loved one better than anyone else, you need to decide on how to make them happy.

How to Make Birthday Videos for Your Special Ones 

While creating a video for the special person in your life, you need to make sure that it is worthy of them. It needs to be infused with love and thoughts for your loved one. A video editor like Invideo can help you create the perfect birthday video for your loved one.  

Pro Tips to Make the Birthday Video Special

  • Collect and scrimmage through every picture in your gallery and choose the best pictures.
  • Select good music or songs to go with the pictures. You can find many songs on YouTube that can give your video a romantic edge. The mp3 YouTube converter by Invideo allows you to easily convert the video files into audio files.
  • Use the timeline on the video editor to adjust the music with the pictures and add text wherever necessary.
  • Usually, a video editor provides templates for every occasion. You can either stick to these standard birthday video templates or create one using your skills.
  • Use animation and transition effects to create a video with moving pictures instead of static ones.
  • Edit the audio, video, text, and music as long as you are not satisfied with the outcome.
  • Publish the video and either send it to your loved one personally or share it with the world using social media.


When in a relationship, there are two dates you should never forget, the anniversary and the birthday. During the birthday, your loved one expects you to express your feelings, and make the day a memorable one. While you can not always deliver a gift that meets the expectations of your lover, you can always greet them in a way that they will never forget. 

A video editor like Invideo will help you create the dream team with your videos, reaching the heart of your loved one.

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