7 Best Educational Virtual Reality Apps

Tiffany Harper
July 20, 2020

Imagine viewing the world right from Florence in Italy and New Orleans in America in the comfort of your classroom seat. This is possible with online education trends that are evolving the learning system. This could be our way out of the traditional boring lecture talks and a pathway into enhanced engagement, retention and simulation-based technology learning.

This is an advanced technology brought straight to you by Virtual Reality technology apps. It uses Augmented Reality, which is a type of virtual reality technology that blends the user’s surroundings with digital content generated by computer software. 

Titans of space

Kids are always attempting to know more and explore every aspect they find interesting and space exploration isn’t an exception. They want to analyze the sun and the eight planets that revolve around it. The beautiful moon and shining stars that light up the sky at night. The best way to bring the universe to them is with the use of the Titans of space app.

The app engages kids in touring the solar system where they get to see planets and stars accompanied by delightful visuals and soothing music from the background. It works with google cardboard reality viewer, which transforms the phone to a basic VR headset.

The planets and moon take the size of toys that are shrunk down to a millionth of the original sizes with distances that aren’t to scale for easy comparison

The app reviewers at assignment writing service Australia tell us more about it. You get to control the depth and pace of your tour with multiple options and no form of input is required whatsoever. It informs you of anything new in the galaxy by displaying it on the cockpit dashboard through a text at most tour stops.  

Egypt VR

Egypt is an African country well known for having The Pyramids of Giza among the seven wonders of the world. An adventure into the mysterious world of ancient pyramids is a thrilling encounter that kids will certainly fall in love with. 

You will come across amazing designs of the historic tombs and discover incredible hidden objects. The best part is where you get to solve puzzles to reveal the secrets of the Pharaoh.

The Egypt Virtual Reality app features a flexible inventory system and unique puzzles that lead the player into escaping the room. You get to steal artefacts such as pottery,

painted funerary masks and wooden statuettes as you discover new tombs. If you are the type who loves riddles, then this is the best VR for you. You get to unmask riddles and mysteries of ancient Egypt.

The app uses google cardboard reality viewer that makes it a VR headset while portraying an intuitive interactive experience. This is the best discovery app to get to know the secrets taken to the grave by pharaohs all these years.


The human body consists of internal structures studied using anatomy and this virtual reality app enables you to navigate and explore them. You get to be part of the anatomy in an immersive way and have the ability to sail along with the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, lacrimal, urinary and female reproductive systems. 

It’s an awesome application that portrays the role of mobile phones in education boosting your spirits of getting to know more about the human body in an exhilarating way.

The Anatomy You app can be used in virtual reality and full-screen mode depending on what makes you comfortable. To experience a 3D environment, you have to incorporate other VR devices such as HTC Vive, Monitor and Oculus Rift for the whole experience. 

The IT expert at Do my assignment, one of the best custom essay services, says that all you need to do is aim at a particular anatomical structure using navigation controls to obtain full information about the organ. The app offers free navigation through the various organs mentioned and it’s a sure thing that will make you want to discover more about your internal outlook. 

YouTube VR

An adventure to various beautiful sceneries across the world is among the most amazing learning experiences that you’ll ever have. YouTube VR is a mobile application that brings the world right before you in real form. 

You get to experience skydiving, attend concerts and watch science videos with its unique ability to view videos at a 360-degree angle. Apart from that, you experience spatial audio that varies depending on how deep you go and how far you are at the end.  

For an easy browsing experience, you are free to choose from keyboard or voice control options and this can occur simultaneously. You are always sure to be at the centre of the action with this app.

Set yourself, browse and get ready for mind-blowing videos that are centred all so that you enjoy a lean-back experience. You get to launch the app using the Daydream

application and it’ll only function once your phone has a microphone.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is an app that launches virtual reality on your phone, letting you experience and discover new applications and sets up a viewer for you. It’s composed of various demos that enables you to experience a 3D outlook of objects in mind. 

These demos include; earth where it takes you to fancy places on Google Earth and Tour Guide where you visit Versailles among other local guides. My videos enable you to view downloaded videos and Arctic Journey, where you create your own flower garden beside arctic terns. 

Safari Tours Adventures VR 4D

Go on a safari in virtual reality using the Safari Tours Adventures app across the various forests and animal parks. You get to view many wild animals such as crocodiles, elephants, lions, eagles, stags, and wolves. 

The app features a beautiful jungle environment with animals producing realistic sounds. You get to move freely around the wild with the help of Google Cardboard Glasses that bring the best of virtual reality to you. You get to move around by just looking in the direction you need to go and you automatically go forward or backward.

Get a smartphone with Gyro Sensor, which will enhance your gaming experience and then place your device into virtual reality glasses and aligned at the centre. Rotate the lens for a clear focus as you enjoy the great experience at an open field or rotating chair.

VR lessons by ThingLink

ThingLink is a depot of educational content having various lessons offered to primary school students all in one place. The coolest thing about this app is its ability to learn arts, language and science using virtual reality and experience magnificent sceneries in the world. The app uses Google Cardboard connected to an iPhone or iPad for a virtual experience. 


The use of virtual reality applications is revolutionizing education by enhancing learning techniques and making it exciting for students. It’s an open way to minimize the use of space and maximizes on using current immersive technology. Getting the right application to kickstart your journey is the best thing you’ll ever do to enjoy learning.

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