10 Best Spy Apps for Android [Updated 2020]

Charlotte Mia
July 22, 2020

Spy apps were introduced to help people keep an eye on someone’s activities 24*7 rather than hiring spy agents to do so. Spying is an illegal activity but the intentions of worried parents and spouses to uphold safety through monitoring is the exception which makes spying a technique in demand.

Your quest for efficient spy apps would end after reading until the last section of this article as we have tried and tested multiple apps and got the top 10  for you. These apps will keep your identity anonymous while assisting you in tracking android devices thus eliminating the risk of being caught. 

#1 Spyier 

Spyier had made android spying available. It was developed to be an efficient app so that people can use it without having a second thought about wasting their time and money. Spyier is now the most reliable app in the market of online spying apps.

There is nothing to be doubted about the effective usage of Spyier as it is tested at multiple platforms and developers are active round the clock to answer queries. To date, there are not any reported bugs that make this application a reliable tool to monitor android devices.

The 2MB android setup of Spyier goes unnoticed as it does not interrupt the processing of other apps. Moreover, the logo vanishes right after the installation thus keeping the spying process a secret. The installation process does not involve rocket science rather you can do it in a few clicks. 

What makes Spyier #1 Android Spy app?

Spyier has won the hearts of million users as spy apps for Android like Spyier makes monitoring a left-hand task even for people with zero technical skills. There is nothing to be worried about learning hacking skills as it is a go-to solution for spying over smart devices.

PC World, Forbes, Android Authority, New York Times, Life wire, and many other industry giants have applauded Spyier services in multiple testimonials. Spyier users are crossing the country count of 190. Here is a brief look into the fully-functional features of Spyier that made it best spy app:

  • Spyier works in stealth mode thus ensuring the identity protection
  • No need to jailbreak or root the android device you want to spy over, just follow the 5-minute installation procedure 
  • You will not be asked to install any application on your mobile phone
  • Setup is easy and does not make the target device prone to viruses making spying a secure process
  • You can use Spyier dashboard from any web-browser without installing additional plug-ins
  • Built-in android keylogger is available to get keystroke details in a serialized form
  • Spyier does not consume battery of the android device it is installed onto
  • No need to touch the device again and again as users get data remotely after Spyier installation
  • Spyier could be used from any internet-capable device to spy on someone on the go
  • Social media accounts can be unlocked with a single click from Spyier dashboard to check the conversations, posts and friend list

Spyier is an all-in-one solution that keeps users’ fingers fixed to its dashboard with its 35+ 100% working features. It is a secure app thus there is nothing to be anxious about privacy disclosure. Install Spyier on target Android smartphone and access every bit of data remotely with the online Spyier dashboard.

#2 Minspy

Minspy is a relatively newer app in the market of presently working spying applications but it has made it to the top app list in no time. With its stealth working mechanism and easy usage, it is a reliable application to cope up with the spying requirements for Android devices.

#3 Spyine

The user-friendly interface of Spyine is winning the hearts of tech geeks as well as beginners. It does not require users to memorize code rather than can access every app installed on anyone’s Android smartphone remotely. Spyine is a root-free spying solution for all kinds of operating systems.

4# Spyic

The web-based spying services provided by Spyic have changed the way people were used to practicing monitoring their loved ones by following them round the clock. Android spy apps include Spyic in terms of a reliable application as it provides easy setup and secure spying services. 

5# Neatspy

Neatspy is an easy-to-use, stealth spy app which believes in providing maximum services in one package to comfort users. After following a 5-minute installation process, you can access all kinds of data files saved on the targeted smartphone without being noticed at all.

6# ClickFree

The light-weight setup of ClickFree is its chief characteristic to dodge the user of the target phone by working stealthily in the background. It does not require personal details for registration thus users can effortlessly keep up with spying over others without any fear of being caught.

7# Fami360

Fami360 is a secretive and undetectable spy to provide users a hassle-free experience of spying over Android devices remotely. Fami360 helps in tracking real-time location and social media profiles without touching anyone’s mobile phone time and again. 

8# FlexiSPY

Spying someone’s Android phone with FlexiSPY is just as being with them 24*7. It develops a virtual control to the target device and fetches every bit of data without informing the user of its presence. App blocking and screen time restriction are the built-in services of FlexiSPY

9# Spyera

The remote camera access provided by Spyera is attracting more people to use its services to get control of Android devices. It provides a web-based solution which users can access from all kinds of the internet-capable device thus eliminating the computer usage for spying over others.

#10 Hoverwatch

The mechanism of Hoverwatch might be complicated at the back-end but user interfaces are quite simple. It is developed by highly experienced developers thus ensuring efficient spying services for Android devices. Setup the app in 5 minutes and you are ready to access the target phone.

To Wrap up

Now you have a clearer idea of what to choose among the above-mentioned reliable and secure spy apps for Android mobile phones. Spyier is a worthy solution as it does not require hundreds of dollars for subscription and provides users with top-notch service. There is no need to move on to any other spy app after knowing about Spyier.

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