UK consumers staying loyal to Apple

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September 30, 2019

Research from tech site musicMagpie has shown that UK consumers are staying loyal to Apple.

The site, which gives cash for consumer technology, as well as selling refurbished devices, surveyed 4,702 consumers who were trading-in their phone and technology items. When asked ‘Will you be sticking with the same brand after you trade-in’, the results revealed a staggering 87% would be staying loyal to Apple.

Interestingly, for those who were switching brands, Samsung was the first go-to (38%), and despite the brand’s unstable year, 26% stated they would be switching to a Huawei device.

When asked why they were upgrading, the majority of respondents wanted a better camera, followed by a better battery life and a better screen.

Liam Howley, CMO at musicMagpie, comments: “Despite not launching a 5G device, Apple’s immense brand strength in the UK means that iPhone users are still a loyal bunch when they are upgrading to the latest handset. Our customers are sticking to what they know after trading in their current tech items. What’s really interesting to see is those who are abandoning ship and switching, Huawei is in the top three manufacturers consumers are switching to, despite having a turbulent year so far.”

Following the launch of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, musicMagpie has seen a 79% increase in iPhone trade-ins, with the top traded-in phones as follows:

  1. iPhone X (64gb)

2. iPhone 7 (32gb)

3. iPhone 6 (16gb)

4. iPhone 7 (128gb)

5. iPhone X (256gb)

6. iPhone 8 Plus (64gb)

7. iPhone 6s (16gb)

8. iPhone XS (64gb)

9. iPhone XS MAX (64gb)

10. iPhone 6s (64gb)

The main reason for trading-in is to upgrade to a new device, using the money made from the trade-in to upgrade handsets.

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