Top Revision Apps for the Exam Season

Max Stevens
February 6, 2017


With exam season fast approaching, we know that it can be tough to manage, keep track and revise for all the tests hiding around the corner.

Naturally, you’ll be neck deep in a bunch of reading material while you try to frantically understand everything that needs to be learned, but it doesn’t all have to be stone-age technology! Your smartphone is an excellent tool for this and can give you a subtle hand during those busy evening hours. We’ve scoured the various app stores to find the best revision apps currently available, so you can schedule, learn and hopefully improve those grades!

Evernote Penultimate (iOS)

Billed as the ultimate handwriting application for iOS devices, Penultimate focuses on combining the natural experience of pen and paper with Evernote’s sync and search features. Featuring deep integration with the Evernote partner app, it’s a solid note-taker that has a good array of organisational features and more importantly, a natural writing experience with smooth ink movements and easy page navigation.

Evernote (Android, iOS and Windows)

How could we create a revision list without including this widely popular notetaking application? Evernote has pretty all the tools you could need for syncing important notes between devices and computers. With utilities for text, sketching, photos, audio, video and more, there’s limitless ways to create and organise those all-important post-its. Oh and did we mention that it’s also on Windows Phone too?

Exam Pal

As featured on BBC News Click, Exam Pal allows you to create a personalised exam table complete with calendars and alerts to keep you on target. You’ll get all the information in a personalised feed, showing when and where each exam will be taking place. Full personalisation controls are in place, allowing customisation of your name, college and more. You’ll also be able to add specific details for each exam and colour code them according to subject, giving

GSCE Maths: Revision Questions (iOS)

As one in a number of applications that gives you real curriculum level questions, GCSE Maths: Revision Questions offers over 43 possible topics with specific themes such as multiple choice and filling in the blanks. Each topic has over 1000 possible questions, meaning there’s plenty to get stuck into. Whether it’s a spare five minutes during lunch or a few minutes on public transport, you’ll always have something to hand to help with memorising those pesky questions.

Remember the Milk

A note-taking application which is on the same level of features as Evernote, Remember the Milk integrates with lots of the major apps for complete synchronisation of tasks, lists and notes. You’ll have full control of subtasks and sorting, plus the ability to colour tags and set reminders. Much like Evernote, a pro version is also available which includes a massive list of premium features including subtasks and more advanced sorting.

Exam Countdown

When exam dates start to get a little bit too much and it becomes overwhelming, you’ll probably need an application to keep track of everything that’s going on. Exam Countdown is a free application with one primary function in mind, helping students keep track of their upcoming exams and giving you a visual countdown of how long until each one takes place. Everything is well laid out and easy to see, plus you’ll get a handy reminder when there’s one coming up.


As the UK’s leading revision app, Gojimo has quite a lot of expectations on its shoulders. Thankfully it doesn’t disappoint, with an incredibly simple and intuitive interface that has plenty of things to get stuck into. With over 150,000 quiz questions covering everything from GCSE to A Level plus an enormous list of topics covering every possible subject, it should keep you busy for quite a while. With content mapped to specific UK syllabuses including AQA and Edexcel, you’ll also know that you’re getting the correct information for the impending test.

Self-Control for Study

Ever been in that awkward position where everything feels like a distraction? With all the modern technology around, it comes as no surprise that there’s much more potential for being thrown off topic. Self-Control for Study is something that attempts to remedy this by blocking access to specific applications for a pre-determined set of time. You’ll get a nice study time display reminding you to work and it’s even possible to schedule these study periods, giving all the potential for creating a solid revision plan.

Brain in Hand

An excellent application aimed primarily at people with learning difficulties, Brain in Hand offers a support mechanism for those suffering issues such as autism, anxiety or mental illness. With personalised coping strategies to help structure tasks and memorise specific topics, it’s a great partner for someone who’s trying to revise but struggles due to problems outside their own control. There’s also deep integration with the website, which allows staff to monitor usage and offer personal advice.

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