Top Helpful resources for Cybersecurity Training and Education

Jeff Blaylock
September 9, 2019

People have started hearing about cybersecurity just recently. However, this topic is one of the most discussed and researched topics in the information technology world for decades at this point. The more people use the online world, the higher the risk grows for criminal. This is why lately, we are experiencing a grand interest in cybersecurity training and education.

Speaking of cybersecurity education, you probably want to explore the fundamentals and get some practical experience to avoid cyber crime. If you do well, you might even find a highly rewarding job in the field, seeing how popular the topic is today.

Without further ado, here are the best resources to learn cybersecurity.


Let’s begin with courses. In this list, you’ll find the best free courses to study cybersecurity.

Cybrary’s Free Training and Community Resources

Cybrary was first launched back in 2015 with the goal to provide learning opportunities precisely on the cybersecurity topic. Right now, it is one of the biggest free platforms with many cybersecurity resources and courses.

In this cyber security course, you can choose between over 150 different courses and classes, try out their practice tests and labs, and assess your progress and achievements.

Springboard’s Foundations of Cybersecurity

Starting with the basics and moving toward more advanced learning, this course is a great place for everyone to study the topic. There are thirty-eight hours of content you can use free of charge, as well as 40 study resources split between nine modules.

Virtual Training at the US Department of Homeland Security

Hop on the US Department of Homeland Security’s site to find some really useful information about cyber crime and security. Very few know this, but the website actually has a myriad of free courses and materials that should teach you a lot about the security of control systems.

Right now, there are over 10 courses that cover this topic and other cybersecurity trends. For a more personalized experience, they sometimes have instructor-led classes or courses.

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Books and Papers

In addition to courses that teach you to avoid cyber attacks on the website or any other online area, there are also some great, free written resources in the form of books and white papers.

Center for Internet Security

White papers usually serve a ‘dirty’ purpose – to convince people of something and sway their opinion. In this case, the intention is rather pure and illuminating. On the website of the Center for Internet Security, you’ll find many white papers that teach you the ‘best practice solutions for cyber defense.’ Here you’ll also find many tools, videos, and webinars to practice on.

O’Reilly’s Free Security eBooks

There’s a pretty good selection of free eBooks on cybersecurity online. O’Reilly’s selection has a vast lesson plan on topics like the darknet, data lakes, DevOps security, etc. You can opt for a paid version, but also use their free trial to read some of the books.

CompTIA Security Guides and Whitepapers

CompTIA is the place you go to when you need a certification, but they also provide some really good, free-to-use white papers and guides. You can find plenty of research materials here, as well as some free tools that will boost your cybersecurity knowledge.

Videos and Webinars

For those who are more video-friendly, here are some great webinars and video lessons:

TED Talks

We all know and love TED. So, when an interesting topic like this comes up, you should definitely check out their website. It is the spot where the greatest minds share their knowledge, which puts it at the top of your educational list.

Free Cybersecurity Videos and Webinars at Stanford University

The website of the most elite California University has free resources that everyone can use. These resources include a video talk series and cybersecurity webinars that you’ll love! Definitely check their YouTube channel and website.


Finally, there are some other tools that can be really useful when you study cyber security:

Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms by Cybrary

Cybrary truly explores this topic and they have actually created an expansive, rich glossary of vocabulary for cybersecurity. If you decide to study this field, you should definitely print or download this.

Cheat Sheets by Lenny Zeltser

The popular cybersecurity expert Zeltser is an instructor at the SANS institute and the person who created an amazing cheat sheets list that teaches you how to communicate in the cybersecurity field. You can download their PDF and print it – free of charge.

Final Thoughts

These are ten great tools and sources that will help you start your education on cybersecurity. But, don’t stop there. Explore other resources and build you knowledge on one of the most debated topics in the moment.

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