Top 5 Features of IOS 13s CarPlay

James Wood
October 2, 2019

When looking at in-car technology and mobile phones, it was Apple that led the way with full integration of their CarPlay technology. However, this was far from perfect. With a number of teething issues as well as a slow user interface, there were many changes that needed to be made for it to fully fulfil its purpose. Whether you are looking for approved Renault used cars for sale with CarPlay capabilities or you are driving a top of the line sports car, the IOS 13 features are just what you need to make every journey enjoyable. In this article, we will be looking into the top 5 features that have been implemented in this latest update and why we needed them.

New Applications Added

With the recent release of the iPhone 11 there has come an IOS update that gave us some well-needed changes to its car play capabilities. With a new settings app added as well as customisation of the do not disturb functionality, you can enjoy your journey without being distracted by album artwork, Siri suggestions or even incoming phone calls. In addition to this, there is also the addition of a clear calendar section, allowing you to view upcoming events and meetings at a glance so you will never be late again.

Siri Suggestions

Though Siri has been a huge part of CarPlay since launch, there have been many teething problems with the response time as well as the response that you would get. With the latest IOS update, the visual indicator will appear across the bottom of the screen when using the functionality to indicate that Siri is listening to you. This is great for app developers as this will allow you to queue up a Spotify playlist, and change your final destination on Google Maps all using your voice with a very quick response time which is a much-needed improvement.

Design Tweaks

In addition to the update to these already existing features, there have been a number of design teaks such as the tile interface. This design change is also noticeable in the more detailed map you will find on IOS 13 as well as the new now playing interface. IOS 13 also comes with the option to choose a light mode which is better for users when driving in daylight. This can be set on an automatic timer to switch off at night to ensure that you are not distracted, giving you the best of both worlds for every weather condition.

A New Dashboard

With a new tile interface as well as design tweaks to the overall colour theme and map functionality, there has been a major overhaul with the dashboard. With the left half of the screen reserved for the map as well as the right side divided into Siri suggestions and audio controls, you have everything you need in one place without having to switch view. This is great for everyday use as well as a long road trip as you or your passenger can control the CarPlay with your voice on the go without having to constantly change the view that is on the screen.

With this in mind, there are a number of much-needed changes in this most recent update that help to fully optimise all the functionality that is available without distracting you from your driving, making this the perfect combination of everything we needed. Have you tried it out for yourself yet?  

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