Top 5 Apps Which Help You With Your Homework

Jennifer Broflowski
September 18, 2019

Having a problem with your homework? Can’t find the answer to the teacher’s question or can’t find the solution for a math problem? These apps will help you with your homework!

The school does not have to be that hard today, thanks to the abundance of the applications that can help you with various tasks, including home works. Of course, your teacher would not be particularly happy to see that you are using Hemingway app to edit your essay, but when it comes to homework, he could try to turn a blind eye. As long as you are out of the classroom, you are “free” to use any of the apps that can help you. In this article, we will speak about several useful apps that can make your life much easier. However, try to avoid using any of these whiles in school, as no teacher will allow you to use these unless he specifies that strictly.


We have had a situation where you need to find an answer on a certain question, and this is something that can last a while. Google is our best friend, and it has been since the last 10 years as it can answer pretty much on every question you ask. Still, Socratic is something that is specially designed for students who are having a problem with home works. Instead of Googling, you can use this app to try to solve your question. The best part is that is free to download and use.

 Now, the Socratic app allows you literally to take a photo of the problem and ask the app to find the right answer. It uses the special search engine that uses AI to scan all subjects like math, physics, or chemistry in order to find the right answer for you. Do not expect to receive 100% correct answers, but expect your time for homework to be decreased. It is available both for iOS and Android devices. There are regular updates that fix some earlier AI problems of recognition in order to ensure optimal work.

Photomath calculator

Math calculations can be exhausting and pretty boring if you do not like numbers. A lot of times, students fail to pass an exam due to the complicated formulas that they do not understand. However, there is a solution, at least for home works only. Not only you get the result, but also the step-by-step instruction on how to get to the right result. This way your teacher will see that you have not just written the final result, but also each step in solving the problem.

If you are not a fan of math equations, then you must have this application on your smart device. It works almost in the same way as the previous app does, with the only difference that this one is specialized in solving math problems. Thanks to AI implementation, it uses the algorithms for performing math calculations. Just take a picture of equations and wait for the calculator to do the math. And we mean this literally of course.

Got It Study

This is one of the most useful apps that will definitely help you with your homework. Not that will be very useful for paid freelance writing job, but it will handle all the basic questions that your teacher might ask you. You do not need to worry anymore, as you will have your homework completed every time!

The different subjects have different problems and questions you must answer. Usually, we browse the Internet while searching for the answer, but it sometimes happens that we cannot find it. The reason lays in the fact that not all books can be scanned and uploaded on the Internet so the AI could extract the appropriate answer. Got It Study app is packed with chemistry, math, physics, history, language and many more information and topics, so it is very likely that you will find your answer. The only problem you might encounter is that you really must stabilize your hand before taking a photo.

The app allows you to choose any subject you are having a problem with so the app could solve your problem. It cannot write a 500 words essay, of course, but the complex AI allows you answering to simple and not too complex questions. If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive, you can ask for professional help. It is a rare feature that allows you consulting with the expert on the subject you need. A professional tutor is there to help you with every single step in the problem-solving procedure.

My Homework

A lot of times happens that we simply forget about our homework as we are full of other things we need to accomplish and finish. Of course, you are bored to write down tasks on a piece of paper that you will stick to the door of your room so you could not miss anything. Still, that is another boring task that takes our precious time. In order to avoid that, you can use the Android/iOS/Web application that works as a reminder. It allows you to set up your schedule in order to develop a detailed plan of your tasks by setting the reminders and synchronizing it with your PC.


If you have a problem with the learning of German, or French or any other language, you have probably considered the language courses. But, why would pay for the courses, especially when you are just starting with the language? Instead, save money for advanced courses and use this free app to learn the basic things before moving to more complex issues. You do not need to pay a single bill for to use this app that gives you an interactive and interesting way of learning! Instead, download this app to your smartphone and start learning the language while you are travelling, waiting for a bus, buying groceries, or drinking coffee in a café.

For all of you who are having problems with foreign languages, there is the best solution that is completely free! Duolingo is the best app for foreign language learning that boosts your reading, writing, or listening skills in almost any language of the world. The concept is designed in the way that you progress quickly by solving simple quizzes with questions that boost your memory, hearing and reproduction skills. It also allows you to read various articles and stories that are made with the special goal of improving your reading skills. After each lesson, you have a practical quiz to test your knowledge.

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