Top 3 smartphone lights for the perfect selfie

Thomas Wellburn
December 14, 2016

We all want that perfect selfie but unfortunately, the smartphone flash rarely manages to illuminate and flatter our faces. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up and tested some of the best selfie lights we could find, ranging from cheap and cheerful to the downright ludicrous. Here’s our top 3:

Loooqs Smartphone LED Flash Light

Available at Mobile Fun for £12.99

The Loooqs Smartphone LED Flash Light is a simple and nifty little device that uses the 3.5mm headphone jack on your phone for selfies. There’s no need to download an application or press any buttons; it just works. Hit the switch on the top to turn it on and start snapping away. We found its size to be excellent for portable use, while the brightness was just enough for a decent selfie without completely over-saturating the image. A lack of dual-tone LEDs does mean that the light can be a little harsh and expose imperfections… but when you consider the price is only £12.99, there’s really no place to grumble here. An extremely portable and useful universal selfie light.

iblazr 2 LED Wireless Flash

Available at Mobile Fun for £60.00


The iblazr 2 takes a things a step further than the Loooqs with more features and a dual-tone LED setup for more flattering pictures. With a hefty £60 price tag, you’d be expecting substantial quality from your selfies and it doesn’t disappoint, illuminating the room and then some. The included application allows the iblazr 2 to be used as a flash gun rather than a traditional light, meaning you don’t run the battery down by keeping it on all the time. Our only complaint of this cool little selfie light is the clasp, which can feel a little loose when connected to some devices.

LumeCube LED Dual Cube Pack

Available at for £164.99


Okay, so the LumeCube is made more for GoPro devices than smartphones, but we still decided to include it in the list because of how awesome it is. These LED lights have 10 brightness settings and a flash/SOS function, which makes them useful in a variety of tasks. What really sets the LumeCube apart from the competition is just how bright they are. You know it must be something special when a warning card is left in the box claiming ‘this is not a toy’! Even when using them in our well-lit office environment, the brightness ridiculously intense and managed to startle anyone who dare stare in their direction. Extreme sports fans will also appreciate their waterproof rating, which allows you to use them up to a depth of 100ft without issue.

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