The Most Interesting Things to Do In Las Vegas besides Gambling

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January 26, 2020

The popularity of Las Vegas keeps growing because of its active and energetic nightlife as well as its profligate casino resorts. However, besides gambling and going to parties, there is a lot one can do and get to have fun and enjoy themselves. If you are not a table games enthusiast and dance floor fanatic, then check out the following most interesting things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling.

Explore Freemont Street

Found in the heart of the inner city of Las Vegas, Freemont Street is a pedestrian-only street. It is also referred to as ‘Glitter Clutch. When you visit a real money casino you will see a lot of game offers and other activities. For example, the casino at the Freemont Street features other fun activities such as a light show, ziplining, and live entertainment. Moreover, if you ever find yourself wondering what you can do in this street apart from gambling, consider embracing its ideal activities such as doing things off the strip, its free activities as well as it’s daytime activities.

Climb the Tallest Observation Tower in the USA

The tallest observation tower in the USA, the Stratosphere Deck, heights at 1149 feet. It has an all-round view of Las Vegas as well as the surrounding desert. Hence, you cannot afford to miss out on it.

Instead of risking your money on gambling, contemplate on enjoying the fantastic daytime Las Vegas activities or go sightseeing. Also, if you come with your partner, you can never lack something to do.

Take a trip to Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas also has one of the perfect excursions that is found 17 miles from the Strip. People who crave a break from the Sin City bustle can enjoy exploring and sightseeing this place. Its bright red cliffs are so appealing that you cannot afford to miss getting up close and personal with it. With your SUV tour, embark on a crash course of this enthralling landmark before you head elsewhere.

Neon Boneyard

The Neon Boneyard is one of Las Vegas’ most attractive sites. The museum is popular for the daytime activities such as pub crawling, casino hopping, or clubbing, and things you can do off the strip such as hopping from bar to bar or casino to casino.

It comprises many of the strip activities you can enjoy since most of it is outdoors. It appears to be more like a car park that is full of old Neon Las Vegas signs. Thus, you cannot miss out on visiting this place if you are in Vegas.

Visiting Hoover Dam

On the outskirts of Las Vegas, you can find one of the most inspiring and remarkable marvels, the Hoover Dam. You can explore deep inside it using one of the Hoover Dam tours. Or, you can explore the dam while taking a leisure cruise of Lake Mead.

Instead of wondering what to do in Vegas, take day trips near Las Vegas, have fun activities with children, or find downtown activities that you can do off the strip.

Watch the show

The Bellagio Fountain Show has a stunning combination of music, lights, and water every fifteen minutes. One of the perfect ways to watch the show is by having dinner at one of the Bellagio restaurants. However, ensure you make your reservations early as many people are aware that this is the ideal way to watch the Fountains show hence book early.

Cool off at the Minus 5 Experience

After spending a hot day in Las Vegas, you can find a place to cool off. One of the most ideal and convenient places to do so is Mandalay Bay’s ice lounge. Everything found inside the lounge is ice-made inclusive of the seats, the bar, as well as the walls. There are various packages you can choose from. So, dress up in your warm gear, select your package, and enter the ice bar and enjoy the icy smooth cocktails they offer.

Explore Death Valley

The Minus 5 Experience can be a bit chilly for some people. Hence, they may opt for an alternative. Explore Death Valley. This is the home to the lowest elevation point of North America. Additionally, it is the site that holds the recording of the hottest temperature in the continent.

The stunning location of Death Valley is an exceptional part of the Southwest landscape because of its Badwater Basin, mountain ranges, and salt pans. So, head to Death Valley and enjoy the fun things to do in Vegas you can find there.

In conclusion, many people know Las Vegas as a place to gamble because of its vast widespread of casinos, bars, and restaurants. But, there are other top things to in Vegas such as the ones in the above discussion besides gambling. So, if you are wondering what you can do in Vegas other than gamble, consider visiting some of the above places and enjoy the activities that come along with it.

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