The Best Mobile Apps for Students
March 15, 2020

The life of the students has become much easier than it used to be even ten years ago. Nowadays, young people have access to all kinds of devices, useful websites, and applications that can significantly facilitate students’ life. According to EssayShark research, the youth spend more than seven hours per day using their smartphones! Why not benefit from them?

If you’re already at university or just preparing to become a student, but don’t have any useful student apps on your smartphone yet, it’s time to download some of them!

Lecture notes, preparation for classes and exams, students’ time management, observing basic safety and health rules, access to exclusive student discounts and offers — these are just some of the tasks that special student mobile apps can help you cope with!

 Student Beans

The application is designed specifically for students who care about their budget and want to save money. It gives access to a variety of discounts and special offers from fast-food chains, clothing stores, fitness centres, cinemas, and shopping malls.


In this application, you will find interactive maps of the world’s major cities with public transport stops and the current schedule of routes, which will be useful for any student at the beginning of life abroad or while travelling. By the way, the list of available cities is continually being updated. Any user can vote to add an interactive map of their town on the website of the application.

Class Timetable

This is another handy application that allows you to create a simple and clear timetable, share it with other users, and set notifications not to forget about the next class.


This is the coolest application for students who are extremely afraid of oversleeping an exam or a lecture. It’s an alarm clock that you cannot turn off with a single click. Instead, you have to do a particular action. For example, take a picture of a specific object, solve a mathematical problem, etc., after which you are unlikely to fall asleep again. By the way, this application has already been installed on the devices of 13,000,000 users worldwide.

Dragon Anywhere

If you’re very tired of typing or writing, dictating text can be much easier than writing, and the best dictation application comes in handy. The main feature is that the app itself adapts to the way you dictate and does not impose restrictions on the length of the text.


This app is for the fans of the flashcards that you can use to repeat material, to self-check, or to prepare for exams; the app uses the information from the course to create the cards and allows students to compile the cards themselves and exchange them among others.


The application for meditation will help to remain focused and attentive, will adjust on a mode necessary for the study. Audio exercises in Headspace help to concentrate on what is essential, get rid of unnecessary thoughts, to cope with stress and anxiety. There are even tips on what to do if you are bored while meditating. In addition to audio, the application uses other formats: video and animation. The developers claim that it is enough to use the app 10 minutes a day to feel the result.

With this application, you can select music for work, rest, sleep, or meditation. Neurobiologists are involved in the development, who check the effectiveness of melodies. Such a sound accompaniment helps to focus on tasks better, fall asleep faster, relax, and fight anxiety. The application has special melodies with several options for studying and reading.


A student needs to have a balanced diet. The Lifesum app has a vast recipe base for healthy food and a variety of nutrition plans. You can keep a nutrition diary and track every meal you eat. The app also allows you to check the calorie value of the food with a barcode scanner on the package. Lifesum recognizes almost all products. The program indicates the correct portion size for each meal so that you don’t overeat. In addition to controlling your diet, you can also record and track the amount of water you have drunk in a day. Moreover, the application’s database has useful information and tips on how to start eating right and stay healthy.

Couch to 5K — Run training

Between studies and sleep, you need to find time for sports. This is the first fitness application that works as a personal trainer and helps you find out when and how much you need to run to be in perfect shape. To complete your first 5 km round, you need to spend 20-30 minutes with this app within 3-9 weeks (all depending on your level). The leading coaches have developed the workout plan, and human sound guidance will help you in every workout. The availability of a playlist with a music player will make your workout more enjoyable, and a workout diary will help you keep track of your progress.

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