The Best Gadgets for Studying in 2019

Lisa Rina
July 22, 2019

How to choose gadgets that will make your student life so much easier. Take our advice about the best Gadgets for Studying. We try to make your students life much easier.

Studying for exams and assignments can be gruelling at times. You’ve probably already experienced an all-nighter that leaves you waking up in the library on a pile of notes. So, it only makes sense that anything that would help is much appreciated. Since not every gadget is as valuable as the next, we’re going to break down some of the best ones in 2019.


This is probably the most obvious choice on
this list but also the most important. Academia has moved past pen-and-paper
assignments. Instead, most assignments – from homework to discussion boards –
need to be turned in online. It’s much more convenient to be able to do this
from anywhere rather than be stuck in the library constantly.

Accessing the internet also means accessing academic help. For example, take a look at one of the biggest constants in college lives: writing assignments. Looking around online will likely help you find at this online essay service that can help them write or edit papers in any subject and style. Even writing software can help correct problems such as grammar and spelling errors.

Portable Hard Drive

The last thing that anyone wants with studying
is to lose their notes. Unfortunately, it’s easy to run out of room for
everything or even lose things if a computer dies. To increase both storage and
security, it’s worth picking up a portable hard drive. They are sold in multiple
sizes. Students with frequent media projects such
as videos or graphic design projects will want to opt for larger storage.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

Let’s face it: it’s hard to study without
something to keep you going. Buying a coffee everyday, though, adds up fast.
It’s much better to keep your own coffee maker around. To get a little more
high-tech, look into a Bluetooth
coffee maker. Once these are set up, they can be turned on with the press of a
remote button. This makes it perfect for readying a cup of joe before crawling
out of bed for that 8 a.m. class.

Portable Chargers

Electronics, as this list suggests, are key to
college life. This means that a dead battery can be inconvenient at best and
anxiety-inducing at worst. Luckily, it isn’t something that we just have to
deal with. Portable chargers are small enough to be convenient to carry as well
as efficient enough to charge devices.

Wireless Printers

Almost every campus library will allow students to print off whatever they need for a small fee – usually a few cents. After a while, no matter how small a fee, this can add up. An investment, in the beginning, can save money in the long run. Since you’re probably living in a dorm or apartment, a more compact option that can print from all your devices. A wireless printer cuts out the cords and also connects to computers and phones. Just remember that you’ll need to purchase ink cartridges to use it!

Folding Keyboard

We already mentioned that laptops are
important. That being said, you’re probably going to use a tablet or phone a
lot of the time. When using those devices, it doesn’t take long to notice that
an on-screen keyboard is only convenient for so long. This is why folding
keyboards have become popular. They connect with almost any device and are easy
to carry. As the name suggests, they fold and are incredibly thin. While they
need to be charged, most hold a charge for an incredibly long time – some even
boast a 3-month use off a single charge!

Surge Protector

The amount of tech in the world means that a
lot of things are plugged in. The bad news is that an overloaded outlet can
lead to a blown fuse or worse. To help combat this, a surge protector can go a
long way. These are sold in a variety of sizes and look like the average
electric strip or extension cords. The average choice includes 12 sockets. This
will let you charge phones, laptops, tablets, and more without causing a

Noise Cancelling Headphones

You can’t control the volume of everywhere you are. A dorm or library isn’t necessarily under your control. What can help handle noise control is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones? They aren’t necessarily limited to that use either. These are usually high-quality headphones that are great for listening to your favourite movie or podcast while studying. Just make sure the headphones you order are made for with noise-cancelling features in particular since not every pair of headphones are made for this purpose.


The world is introduced to new tech and gadgets every day. With this influx, of course, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your time. Don’t worry, however, because the gadgets here should be on the top of your list.

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