The beginner’s Guide to Instagram Ads

Anna Angel
July 17, 2019

Being a small brand you are very likely to know that awkward feeling when you post something without any response at all: no likes, reposts or comments. As if you are talking to hear your own voice.

However, life is not so sad. Instagram is one of that e-commerce marketing platform that helps to get at least a small amount of responses, especially if your posts are raped with related hashtags. The power of e-commerce ads here is so strong, that one may wonder why just a small amount of businesses is not here yet.

The point is that like any other business you are interested in audience enlargement (and more sells, as well) and here we go with a smart guide for it. Prepare your pens and binders to copy out the most suitable ideas! Here we are!

Study your

You should know who you fight with before making any activities. After making the list, we recommend visiting GramFeed to analyze the behaviour of your colleagues from the field. Examine the type of images they use, colours, decor and so on.

example, if you sell jewellery from wood, stones and ceramics, you, probably,
can think of some countrylike surrounding of your photos.

Write down the most prominent ideas for you and think about how you can adapt these ideas for your business.

Keep your

On this stage, you should spend some time on thinking of the colours, fonts and style of your photos in general. Being too versatile is not a very good idea as people prefer something solid and stable.

Have a look at the account of Nike. They use thousands of filters and can cover different topic and events, but everybody can recognise them at first sight. The images and videos they make are devoted to sport, concentration, strength and happiness and they keep these notions.


Instagram was originally designed for photo exchanging, but people instinctively tend to beautiful images. We suppose you know that photography is an art. There is nothing too complicated here, but just a photo from a mobile phone is not enough. Luckily, there are dozens of the apps to add some effects and creativity to your photos.

hashtags to expand your brand

Users mainly see a tribute to fashion in it, however, there is something more hidden behind. The secret is that Instagram is a very unique search engine where the search is made basing on hashtags. It means that when launching your e-commerce business on Instagram, all the ads you make should be provided with hashtags.

For example, you sell ladies clothes. By texting something like a “silkblouse” in a search line one may easily find your brand in the search results. And here it is the time for your images to catch the attention of the potential client to click and see more.

Double your

Nowadays Instagram allows posting photos not only on own platform but on other popular places like Facebook. You can log on to inform both audiences about a new item, sales or a quiz starting.

Track your

It is, undoubtedly, silly to continue working without realizing whether there are any return of investments. Everything seems to be cool, but you’d better have a clear understanding of which posts are effective and get a response from the audience.

The tool you would like to use should give clear and true information. Start with Iconosquare at initial stages, later you can shift to something more complicated if feel the necessity.

Post at the
right time

To be honest, nobody knows when this time is. But you should study the information you get from your analytics (if make a post at a different time) when people react more actively. As a variant, study your primary competitors to see when they publish their posts.

Attract the
traffic from influencers

Some profiles acquire thousands of followers. It is sometimes a result of hard work, while in other cases can be a wonderful stroke of luck.

Find the posts where your main hashtag is used and find various there. Apply to those who are certainly not a brand profile and write indirect with options of future partnership. Mind, this service can cost you some money.

To finish our guideline, we would like to say that this marketing platform is fruitful for e-commerce business and is unlikely to remain free for long. Hurry up to promote your brand!

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