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January 22, 2019

The North East has the highest Tech IQ according to our test (28%)

 East Midlands has the lowest tech IQ (22%)

  Test your knowledge with Tech IQ test

You may think you’re a tech-expert, but would you know the duration of the longest phone call ever made? Or how to boost signal on your smartphone? See how you do in a new Tech IQ quiz by online smartphone retailer,, at has collated some of the toughest tech questions around to create the ultimate tech-spert test. Tested on 2,000 people, so far nobody has managed to achieve a perfect 10/10 (100%).

According to the results, the top five regions with the highest tech IQ levels (based on the percentage of people who answered correctly) are:

  1. North East (28%)
  2. London (27%)
  3. Yorkshire and the Humber (26%)
  4. South East (26%)
  5. North West (26%)

Out of all regions within the UK, respondents from East Midlands have the lowest tech IQ (22%).

Age also provided some pretty interesting results.

The top five age groups with the highest tech IQ levels (based on the per cent of people who answered correctly) are:

  1. 18-24-year olds (28%)
  2. 25-34-year olds (26%)
  3. 35-44-year olds (25%)
  4. 45-54-year olds (25%)
  5. 55+-year olds (24%)

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Cartledge, Mobiles Expert at, said: “Technology plays such an important role in our daily lives, and with so many advances it’s easy to think we know anything and everything about tech.

“We created the Tech IQ test to examine people’s technology knowledge and the results have been surprising, to say the least with no one answering all ten questions correctly! We strongly recommend people taking the test, not only for fun but to improve and expand their tech knowledge too. After all, there’s no better way to work our brains than a fun, tricky quiz!”

Think you’ve got what it takes? Test your tech IQ with the true or false questions below, and find out how you performed at

  1. The longest phone call ever made was 54 hours long?
  2. More megapixels mean a better camera?
  3. 3G uses less data than 4G?
  4. The World Record for the fastest time to type an SMS message on a QWERTY keyboard (264 characters) is 56.5 seconds?
  5. The first mobile phone call was made in 1973?
  6. As of 2017, there have been 1 billion smartphones shipped globally each year?
  7. A smartphone has been invented that has a built-in radiation detector?
  8. Modern smartphones are around 25,000 times faster than some of the computers that help to put man on the moon?
  9. The world’s largest functioning smartphone measures 4.57 x 3.42 x .74m?
  10. The first SMS message ever sent was to wish someone “Merry Christmas”?

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